Saturday, May 3, 2008

Missing Mommy

Gillian is away with her mom and sisters for a birthday beach trip and we're missing her. The house has turned into the lord of the flies, except with less order. We're surviving somehow.

Joseph got a huge package in the mail yesterday and he was so excited to see a brand new Lightning McQueen power wheels car. Thanks so much to the Shims who sent it to us. He hasn't been that excited in a long time.

a message for mommy:

The new car

Holly's Risky Business


Anonymous said...

We love the videos! Joseph you did such a good job singing to Mommy! And what a great car! So thankful that everyone's having a fun weekend. Hope you all have a wonderful trip to Disney.
Love, Mel and family

Anonymous said...

We agree --GREAT VIDEOS!!! Hope Mommy is having a wonderful relaxing time in Florida with family. The video of Joseph singing is the best gift ever for Mommy.
love, norma and vann

Kate Etue said...

fun times! we'll have to come play this week. Hope you guys are hanging in there without Gillian around! :)

joann said...

praying for all of from the rosenbaums.

Craig and Gwen said...

Hi Ya'll

We just got back from Florida - where we went to the Magic Kingdom for one day and thought of ya'll the whole time!


I can't belive how much fun stuff there was for KJ!

Ya'll are going to have a blast!

I really really recommend The Round
Table for lunch! It was tons of fun.

If you wan't any tips on what we thought was fun at MK let me know!

Much love - Gwen

PS - Hope you are having a great B-Day Gill!!

Anna Tester said...

Happy Birthday Gillian!!! Ah! Love the video! (Good job Allen)

Soak up the sun for me!



Anonymous said...

Allen, your videos of the kids are so great! I'm a friend of your Mom's and you guys have been in my thoughts and prayers and continue to be. Many blessings to your family this week. -Michele

Sam said...

I had a blast at the zoo with you this weekend. I look forward to having another JoeP sandwich when I come back!

uncle sam

Anonymous said...

Always praying... looks like you were all having a lot of fun dancing to the Beatles!! Good job Holly!
The Booths in MA

Q's NEWS said...

Thanks for posting such great videos! Joseph singing Happy Birthday was precious and the way he says lightening is great!!

I am glad you guys are having such great days!

Love from WV,

Christy said...

Those videos were awesome. Especially loved Joe P's shirt stuck on the door. Sorry about your house, though. What a dump! :-)