Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MRI this Thursday

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. Joseph's friend, we'll call him Yogi, and our friends from Atlanta came up and we had lots of playing and fun. Joseph was so sad they had to go back.

We leave tomorrow for Memphis for the three month MRI. We have three days of scheduled tests and meetings, and Joe will have his port accessed tomorrow night. This will be the first time they've left the needle in overnight since radiation, so we are not anticipating a good night's sleep. He always freaks out with any blood draw or IV, so please pray for him to be strong and calm. The MRI will be first thing Thursday so we'll know the official results by the end of the day.

We are emotional and apprehensive about this MRI. He isn't showing any signs or symptoms of regrowth, but there could still be some growth. I guess this is how every MRI is going to be for a while. Please continue to pray for him and for us.
Also, if you've been following the other three year old boy with GBM in the links section, he is not doing well and is not expected to live much longer. Please pray for him and for the family.


Anonymous said...

The Booth family will be praying for Joseph and all of you. We will ask God for calmness and emotional strength.
Randi Booth

Brea said...

We're praying for good results!

Lynn T said...

Hi Gill and Allen,

I loved seeing the photos from your week-end. I'm praying for peace for you both and for sweet Joe P. to be calm and strong.

Love you all,


Kate Etue said...

Hey! We're all praying for Joseph and you guys this week. Blessings on you guys.

Melissa Cooper said...

Chris and I will be praying for you as you travel to Memphis, for good test results, and for Joe to be calm throughout.

Anonymous said...

Hope you guys have a safe trip to Memphis. We are praying for peace.
We love you all.

Emily said...

We are very hopeful and praying continually.
Emily and family

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a safe trip to Memphis and that the results will be what your hoping for. I'm sure Joseph will be really brave. Thinking of you all the time and looking forward to seeing you real soon. love Ann Ben & the boys

Anonymous said...

Hey Gill,
I sure wish we were headed to Green Hills rather than you being on your way to Memphis. I know it's got to be so hard to even go back there. We are praying for you today that God will overwhelm you with His grace and give you a great report. We love you!
Ashley and Family

trmills said...

Hey Peabodys,

Loved all the Disney pictures and the thought of you all having the time of your lives there. We'll be praying on Thursday. As a matter of fact, we'll be praying in advance, as we get to Thursday 11 hours before you do...

And Gill, I'm working on a letter:)

Anonymous said...

hi friends...we're praying for you and your trip this week. we hope it's a smooth trip and even more, that the results will be good.

Margaret said...

Hi Gillian,
I am praying so hard for you, Allen, Joseph and Holly and all of your family. You will be in my thoughts through the next few days especially. I pray that Joseph is calm, you stay strong and the doctors and you are guided to make the best decisions possible.
We love you and are looking forward to our summer visit!

Carrigan Family said...

Praying with you for a good report for Joseph - praying for a peaceful spirit for him while having his needle placed - my little guy his having those anxieties as well with his MRI scheduled for Friday. I wish these weren't things they even had to think about it!! So glad you enjoyed your MAW trip. Praying for a safe trip to Memphis as well.

Eleanor and Neil said...

Really hope that you get good news on Thursday. We are praying for you all.

Lots of Love

Eleanor, Neil and kids.

Anonymous said...

You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Martha and Karl

Wrights said...

We are praying and will pray all day tomorrow.
Nathaniel, Rebekah, Anna Walton and Olivia

Anonymous said...

Glad you all had a good afternoon with the museum visit and dinner at Jennifer's. Sorry it was so hard on Joe once you got to St. Jude. I am praying for a good night sleep for all of you.
Holly ate 3 plates of spaghetti! Of course, most of it was on her face and hair. She loved it. We went immediately to the bathtub and then we read several books. She found a play cell phone and started talking on it, when I asked her who she was talking to, she said, "Cinderella". We all had to talk to her several times and then Holly put the phone in her play purse and took it to bed with her. She said she needed to call Cinderella later. What a hoot!!
Praying for peace and strength for tomorrow. All our love, Mimi, Big Daddy, and Holly Bear

suzanne morris said...

Dear Friends,
Praying God's presence beside you is palpable. Praying the news is good. Praying Joe's response to the St. Jude experience would be remarkably calm. We love you and miss you.
Suzanne, for all the Morris family

courtney said...

We're praying for you all today... Praying for excellent news and peace for Joe P.

Rob, Courtney, Hannah and Emma Grace

Anonymous said...

I am praying hard! You guys are in my heart and on mind! Love you!


Jody (atlanta) said...

Praying big time for all your requests. You ALL in my heart and thoughts. Please know that all of us are sending you strength and hugs and love. Praying for great news with the MRI. Love you, Jody

Christy said...

Thinking of you.

Slotkins' said...

We're all praying for you guys. Yogi is especially praying for his best pal Joe P.

The pictures are amazing, it really shows how much they love being together.