Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Little Miss Personality

June bug turned 6 months this week! I know every mom marvels at how quickly their child grows, but I have to say it: I cannot believe she is 6 months old. I know the next 6 months are going to go even faster.

She has followed in Joseph and Holly's footsteps and is already crawling. She has become so full of personality lately and giggles and laughs at Holly nonstop. She is so happy. I picked her up from nursery the other morning and the sweet nursery coordinator said, "Is she always this happy? I'm sure she's not." But, most of the time she is. Here are some pictures of her royal cuteness :
All decked out!

Best friends

I like my thumb, but my toe will do.

On our way out on our biannual "walk the dog" (okay, we walk her slightly more than that--but not much).
We moved back to Atlanta about a year ago now and I was just looking back at our time here. It seemed like when we moved back the sadness was still so heavy on me. I missed Joseph so just consumed every day. Now I have suddenly realized that it's not the same anymore. I still do miss him every day but it is not so all-consuming. I thought before June was born, "Having a baby is not going to make this all better. I am thrilled and blessed to have a new baby but nothing will replace Joseph." I even resented that people might think that I was all better because I was going to have a new baby and we'd moved on. But for me, June has brought a lot of comfort and healing and new joy. It's not all lilies and roses--I get tired and frustrated like every other mom, but I am so grateful I get to be her mommy (and Holly's). Having her really has helped me heal and I am so thankful for that.
Holly continues to love her and be very protective of her. She definitely craves one-on-one time with me since I'm holding June or feeding her a lot of the time, but she is always saying things like, "You're the cutest little baby in town," or "You are so beauutyful." Although the other day, after June had napped over 2 hours she started making noise and I got up to get her, Holly said, "Just leave her. I think she'll go back to sleep!"
I guess everyone loves attention. :)