Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our Country Walk

We've started taking nightly walks around the neighborhood after dinner. As you can see, the kids are really into dandelions right now. Joseph did well at his doctor's appointment, dreading it the whole way there, but only cried for a little bit when they drew blood. He is doing great and is almost back to full speed running and playing. Thanks for praying for his visit. It went better than expected. Next visit in May we go back to St. Judes for another MRI.

We heard back from the Make-a-Wish people and we are all set to go to disney world in a few weeks. We had no idea what to wish for since all Joseph wants is his toys and his grandparents. Asking him what he wanted didn't work, he just said a new car. So we figured a Disney vacation would be best. Actually I told the people that his wish was for infinite wishes, but that's apparently one of the things you can't wish for. The kids are going to have a great time and we are really looking forward to it.

Thanks for continuing to pray for us.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! You made a great choice by choosing Disney for Joseph's wish. It truly is a magical place. It is fun to take your little girl while she still believes the princesses are "real" and that they live there. And Joe P will love seeing Lightning McQueen in his parade at Disney MGM (or Hollywood, it's now called). I can't wait to see pictures!

Alison Fontenot

Anonymous said...

Think I started the dandelion thing last week...we went all over the yard blowing them and waving them in the air. I told Joe and Holly that when their daddy was little, he would eat them. They thought that was pretty funny. Maybe that is why you have such bad allergies now, Allen!!
Praying constantly for mercy and peace. Love, Mimi

Nana said...

Joe P. certainly loves those dandelions.When he comes to Nana and Grandads there is no shortage of them.In fact I think our entire lawn is dandelions who needs grass anyway.I know we'll have twice as many next year because Holly and Joe P. blew hundreds of seeds all over our lawn!!Disney will be great!!when you get tired just go to the pool.When Gillian was six years old we went to Disney World for the first time we had the four kids with us and Lynn's best friend from Ireland Sam was about 15 months they had a great day.Shortly after midnight Gillian asked us "Do we have to go back there tomorrow"?We told her no and we asked her what she wanted to do and she said "go to the pool and the beach"so we took our six year olds advice.She is still a wise girl today...almost 30 years old and Mom and the girls are going to the beach and the pool!!Keep praying all you faithful bloggers!!"this is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it"We love Y'all Nana Grandad and Davey

Anonymous said...

You made my night with all the pictures! Allen I can remember Magu taking you on walks and you blowing the dandelions! That was the first thing I thought of when I saw the pictures of Joe and Holly doing the same.

Craig and Gwen said...

Nothing like an evening walk to bind a family together! Warms my heart that ya'll are getting to share that sweet time!

And what a LOVELY place to walk!!

Praying for you all the time and missing you a bunch!!!

Love, Gwen

Christy said...

Great pictures! Love the one of Joe in the wagon with Holly's legs hanging out the front - hilarious! Andrew's totally into the dandelions as well. I actually called poison control last year when he ate the top of one ... If J or H take a nibble, don't bother. Apparently you'd do well to sprinkle them in your salad. :-)

Have a blast in Disney World!

Holly said...

Thank you so much for posting the pictures and videos especially! It's great to get a glimpse into your new surroundings - which look so peaceful and just perfect for the kiddos! Hope you guys have a wonderful time in Disney!

holly, trent and connor

notes from em said...

such sweet pictures! I am so glad that you all are able to spend this time together as a family. I LOVE our family walks. I think Disney world is going to be a great adventure. Once Joseph experiences it, it will definitely be on his wish list.
we are still on our knees for you all.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures from the evening walk! So precious! Hey, I don't know if you all will have time while you are making wishes at Disney, but we would love to see you while you are in Orlando if it works out! We certainly wouldn't want to interrupt family time, though! So, let us know if we can help with transportation to/from the airport to Disney, etc.

Chas and Catherine

Dave said...

hi guys. i love the new pictures of joseph and holly! i just wanted to let you know that dave and i got the website up and running for "Team Joseph".

The address is

people can go to the page and donate online. everything is secure and operated by the american cancer society and all donations go directly to the american cancer society and will help in their mission to fight cancer through research, education, advocacy and service.

we will also be painting reusable canvas grocery bags and selling them at a sidewalk event in birmingham in two weeks. every bag will have joseph's blog address on it. we wanted to sell something that was permanent so that people will see his blog address over and over again and remember to check it and pray for joe.

we will continue to keep you posted and will save a grocery bag for you:)

dave and erin

Lynn T said...

These pictures are amazing. They capture so much. I love the slide show too. I have looked through every picture twice. We have our own slide show of pictures on our computer and today Will saw a photo of Joseph. Joe P was jumping into Allen's arms at the pool in Memphis. He wanted to see it again. He stared at it for a long time and he then said, "I miss Joseph". He just loves you Joe P. as we all do. I also read all about "Team Joseph" and I had to fight back the tears. Thanks Dave and Erin. I definitely want to buy a bag.
Gill, 4 days....see you soon.

Love you all,


Lizzi said...

Have fun at Disney World...I know the kids (okay, and the adults, too) will LOVE it!

We miss you guys!

Tony & Lizzi

Carrigan Family said...

Maybe you could ask for a private meeting with Lightening McQueen and Towmater ...... we asked ahead of time and Ryan was able to back and meet the Power Rangers and had them all to himself before they came out into the street to meet the other kids - he loved it!! You will truly be treated like royalty .... it was amazing! Glad to hear the clinic visit went okay.

Melissa Cooper said...

Sweet pictures! What an amazing place to take a walk. Have a blast at Disney! We will continue to pray for you and miraculous healing for Joseph.

Lauren Klein said...

These are just about the cutest pics! Gillian-I know you must be such a wonderful mom. And I'm certain Allen is just as fabulous a dad! Thanks for sharing and have fun on your Disney vacation!

Wrights said...

Great pictures! Your children are precious! We continue to pray for you daily. Today we were sitting at breakfast and Anna Walton (our two year old) put her spoon down and said, "God, please help Joseph feel better. Amen." She reminds us to pray for you a lot. Hope you have a great time at Disney World!
Nathaniel, Rebekah, Anna Walton and Olivia

Jody (atlanta) said...

You made my night again...I LOVE seeing the pictures and will have sweet dreams of the Peabody Family on their nightly walks. We all could use a million dandelions to wish on! I cannot wait to come visit you all after get back from Disney. We will nail down a date for this summer. I think Disney is perfect place for your family to enjoy some vacation. Holly and Joe will be mesmerized the whole time.

Praying for good news with the May MRI. I am thinking of you constantly Gillian and Abigail mentions Joseph & Holly daily. You are GREATLY MISSED, but always in our hearts and minds. It seems you truly are at HOME which I love seeing.....

PS: Gill - HAVE FUN ON YOUR BIRTHDAY GETAWAY ALSO....I know that coming up. LIVE BIG!!!!

HUGS, Smiles and Prayers! Jody/Abigail/Molly!

trmills said...

Lovely pictures; what a beautiful place to walk. So happy for you. I got your letter yesterday, Gill, and it was so fun to visit with you.

carolyn & dave said...

Great photos. I love the pics of Joe and Holly in the wagon. We'll be praying for Joe's MRI and for your family to have an amazing time at Disney World. Take care and Happy Birthday Allen.

Carolyn & Dave

susan and brian said...

Love the photos of Joseph and Holly, they look so totally content, it is great. Thinking of you a lot and know you'll have a great time at Disney!! Wonderful to know you are so close to your families. Cheers for now.

Jai said...

So glad to see things are going well. I have been thinking a lot about you all as we go through this season with my olderst too. Just had an MRI yesterday. Things are well.

We leave for Disney the first week in June so perhaps we might bump into you.

My son did not know what to wish for either, asking for everyday, ordinary things and the Wish people kept saying .. BIGGER, BIGGER ...

I think my son and your family WILL have a great time.

God's greatest blessings over you ..

Anonymous said...

The boys and I are and will continue to pray...
Your children are absolutely beautiful... I love the pics!
Randi Booth

Mary Vagnoni said...

Happy Birthday Gillian, love the great photos and videos.As always you are in our thoughts and prayers
love from all your family in Bogota

Jody (atlanta) said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...HAPPY BIRHDAY TO YOU...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR GILLIAN...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! The BIG 30!!!! You constantly amaze me lady. Have a fabulous weekend and relax and enjoy YOURSELF!

PS - It looks like Allen's birthday was this week also. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLEN!!!

We love you all! Jody

carolyn & dave said...

Happy Birthday Gill!

Abbie said...

Allen & Gillian,
I've been offline for a little while and therefore have missed your wonderful posts.
It is great to get caught up.
Disneyland--how much fun that will be!
I was so touched by the fact that Joseph "just wants his toys and his grandparents."
By the way, the pictures of the evening walk in the country are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing your lives.
With love & prayers,

Anonymous said...

The country there looks beautiful. I just wanted you to know that we continue praying for Joseph's healing and for the Lord to bless you and carry your burdens.
Love, Maija, Jeremy,Jane and Bea Gayed

Ashley said...

I had so much fun at Kathy's Tuesday night! I'm glad that Joseph and Winnie Kate liked me...not so sure what Holly thought about me! :) What a fun family!


Anonymous said...

so much life...beautiful life in these pictures. we pray for more of it...for all of you daily. thank you for sharing these.

keely, josh & salem

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

Haven't sent a message in awhile but you are never far from my mind. Still thinking of you and praying for you, Catherine, Barry, Sean & Arun xxx