Saturday, May 10, 2008

Off to Disney

We're leaving tomorrow for Joseph's Make-a-Wish trip to Disney World and the kids are very excited. Joseph keeps saying he's going to see Mickey Mouse even though I don't think he has ever watched a Mickey cartoon. Holly has been asking for days when we were going on an airplane. So we'll be back next Friday with lots of pictures and videos.

Here are a few pictures from the past weekend when cousin WK came to keep us company during mommmy's birthday trip. My sister bought a bunch of dress up clothes at a garage sale and they were all princess costumes, but they told Joseph that his Snow White top was a king's costume and called him Sir White. Of course they didn't tell Daddy that he was wearing princess clothes until it was too late. But we got some good pics from it.


Susan and Brian said...

What a wonderful trip!! Know you will all have a great trip and Joeph and Holly won't want to come home!! Enjoy yourselves. Hope Make a Wish may all Joseph wishes come true.

susan and brian said...

Sorry I missed typed Joseph! and make - too early in the morning!

Jennifer said...

OK, in my defense, it was not my idea to dress Joe as a princess. It was his - he was just trying to have fun like the girls! But we did tell him he was in the "Sir White" costume.

Have fun in Disney World. Hope you see many princesses.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how darling! Enjoy your magical trip. Making precious memories. May God bless your time together & give you mental "Kodak" moments you will cherish forever!

courtney said...

Love it! You'll have to tell us how it goes and what's it's like for kids Joe and Holly's age. Praying for a safe and eventless journey and an awesome time at Disney!!!


trmills said...

We enjoyed the pictures and thought Joseph's "king" outfit was great! Emmy was very interested in who everybody was and what they were wearing, as a connoisseur of princesses. Hope you had a great time with the girls at the beach, Gill, and glad everybody was in one piece upon your return. Have an amazing time at Disney!

Anonymous said...

Priceless pictures!!!! Praying for the most wonderful trip to Disney!
love, norma & vann

tracey said...

We're so excited for you guys - have an amazing trip! Can't wait to see and hear all about it. Joe might be confused when he meets the REAL Snow White at Disney World though:) Happy Mother's Day, Gillian!

carolyn & dave said...

Well, they're already getting ready to enter into the magical kingdom of Disney World. Have a blast!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures!!! I'm 25 and I've never been to Disney. I'm sure it will be magical and will create so many beautiful memories!!!
We are always praying!!!
The Booth family

notes from em said...

So excited to see such pretty and handsome prince and princesses. We are waiting to hear how the week as Disney goes, we pray for it to be a success! The Magic Kingdom, but not the ultimate Kingdom.
Love and blessings,

Jody (atlanta) said...

What a fun weekend! Those photos are the best. My nephew is the only boy with 5 girls so aleady at 2.5 there are lots of pictures of him dressed up! Have a MAJICAL time at Disney. We love you all. Jody

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you guys know that Team Joseph has raised the second largest amount of money (out of 21 teams) for the Birmingham Relay For Life! Over $1300!

Our hope is that the money raised will aid in research for treatment and a cure of this aggresive cancer.

Also, we wanted you to know that there are now people all over Birmingham walking around carrying tote bags with Joe's blog address on them. We hope that will result in lots of prayers for your sweet boy.

We have several extra bags that we will send to Nashville, so you can give them to family and friends there. If you have a second, send me an address to mail them to.

We are thinking about and praying for you all the time.

Enjoy Disney!

Erin and Dave

Nana said...

Gillian and Allens new address is 2825 Saywer Bend Rd.Franklin Tn 37069.Thanks for doing that Erin and Dave.I definetely want a bag!!My address is 1046 holly Tree Gap Rd. Brentwood Tn 37027.Im Gillians Mom Pauline Taaffe.Keep praying all you bloggers and all our new Birmingham bloggers!!Ps. Gill and Allen post some Disney pictures!!I have some cool ones!"This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it"

Aalok said...

I came across team jospeh at the birmingham relay for life and wanted to give my prayers. My wife actually coordinates some of the relay for life in bham. Enjoy your trip to disney world.