Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We made it!

We had a great moving day on Saturday. Thanks to all our friends both in Atlanta and Franklin who helped move furniture and boxes. Special thanks to Big Daddy and John, who drove to Atlanta, helped load the truck, then drove back to Franklin. What troopers! It only took one hour to load up the truck in Atlanta--after BJ and Allen loaded up some of the heavier items. Then in Franklin we had many friends waiting to help us move in. The biggest surprise was that our house had been decorated and furnished (in many rooms) and the kids' rooms were painted and decorated in "Cars" and "Princess" themes. Can you guess whose room got the "cars" theme? We were shocked and so thankful to receive such an amazing gift. The kind people who did this are part of a small group from church and they worked together to make the house very warm and welcome for us. Thank you, Steve and Glenna's small group!

We are really getting settled into our new home, with just a few more boxes to go (and a garage full of stuff to weed through). It is just an amazing house and we are so thankful to be able to live here. It is really out in the country compared to our Atlanta home (our road turns into a dirt road!), which I LOVE, but it is only a 10 minute drive to Kroger or Publix. I have yet to find a Target within 10 minutes, which I will have to learn to live with. :) Many of you know my special relationship with Target. But, the peaceful surroundings far outweigh any proximity to my favorite store.

Joseph is loving his new surroundings and has slept wonderfully so far! No night wakings and he even slept until 10 one morning...a feat never before accomplished. He is still full of life and just so thrilled to be so close to his grandparents. He has another checkup next Thursday for bloodwork (this one is a little early b/c St. Judes need his labwork to send us his chemo drug). We continue to be amazed at his resilience, his sweet personality, and his advanced humor (we think it is for a 3 yr. old). Every day I am reminded what a precious gift from God he is and I just want to treasure every moment.

Before we left, our friends in Atlanta threw us a going away "extravaganza" as Rhianna rightly called it. They rented a fun place called Atlanta KidZone, and the children were all completely entertained while the adults could mingle and talk. It was just wonderful! Here are some pictures of the party:


Anonymous said...

How thankful we are that the move went so smoothly. I was so overwhelmed with the outpouring of love from Steve's small group in decorating the house and making you all feel so welcomed. I teared up when I entered each room, knowing how much you all were blessed by their hard work.
The students at school thanked God Monday morning during our devotions for your safe move and the blessing of having a beautiful home.
We love you and are so thankful that you are near us. Stop by anytime...the cookies are on the kitchen counter.
Love, Mimi & Big Daddy

Brea said...

Oh, your kitchen looks really great! I'd love to see pictures of the bedrooms. That is an amazing gift. So thankful that all went smoothly with the move!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to Tennessee! So glad God has blessed you with so many that made your move so easy. You are constantly in our prayers and what great news that Joseph is sleeping better. Hope to see you soon, and remember you are always welcome to stop on your trips to Memphis. (there's a Target 1 mile from our house!!) love, Martha and Karl

Anonymous said...

When we read your post we are reminded of the song "If We Are the Body", by Casting Crowns. It is amazing to see the arms of our Lord reaching out to the Peabody crew. We look forward to seeing you soon. Our prayers are with you daily.
Love, Norma & Vann

Margaret said...

I'm so glad the move went well and even happier that the country air helps JoeP sleep soundly!! Matthew was so disappointed that GeeGee wouldn't be a Shady Park yesterday. I promised we could go visit him and he said 'tomorrow?'. I did make a special outing yesterday to Target in your honor... and managed to remember everything but diapers- whoops!

Nana said...

Welcome Home Peabody Family Welcome Home !!!What a joy and a blessing to have you close by.Gillian and Allen are right Joseph's sense of humor is soo grown up more like that of a seven year old and wow his imagination is amazing and little Holly Bear is not too far behind .I love watching them communicate together.Joseph is the sweetest big brother in the world he loves his little Holly Bear.I echo Gillian and Allen's thankfulness for all the hard work and extreme kindness of The Body of Christ with their move especially BJ and Beth in Atlanta margaret Jodie and Christie and countless others who helped them and of course Big Daddy and John Messner.Last but not least Glenna and Steve Johnson Leigh Ann and Pat and all their small group for the "make over' what a happy gift.I could go on forever thanks for praying over their home before they moved in.God's lovingkindness shines through each one of you .To God be the glory."This is the Day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it"Lots of love and kisses Nana Grandad and Davey...We love you all. Welcome back

Jody (atlanta) said...

GREAT to hear from you...I am addicted to this blog and check daily. That gift of furniture, decorating the kids rooms, making you truly feel at HOME brings tears to my eyes...what amazing people and examples of God touching you all. I am sure you all were extremely touched. The house, town, and people sound amazing. You truly are home and sounds like Joseph is sleeping wonderfully which is a blessing. I cannot wait to come visit. We miss you, but can tell you happy.

Shell said...

Welcome to Franklin!!!

Anna Tester said...

Ah Gilian thanks for your post! I feel like I am there breathing the fresh franklin air myself! Miss you all! Anna

Anonymous said...

This is the BigDaddy,
My back is sore from moving all of the cushions and lamp shades!!! You can't imagine the sacrifice I have made with this move job - ha ha - Tell the kids that I am going to get them if it is the last thing I ever do!! Love, BigDaddy od DigDaddy

matt b said...

Glad to hear all is going well. Wish we could have helped you move, but alas, we're stuck here at the beach (thank you again, Taaffes!). WK is enjoying her first beach trip, but I know she'll enjoy it even more when she's with her cousins.

I'm sure we'll see you soon. Give the kids a big hug from me...oh, and one for allen too.

love, uncle batmar

William Loeffel said...

Many blessings in the new surroundings. It sounds wonderful. We love you all.

William, Jaime, Liam, and Reed

Jean Joiner said...

glad that the transition is going well for you guys. the kitchen looks beautiful! in your search for a target close by, have you located a starbucks? :) i'm mostly excited that joseph is sleeping so well...praise God!!! we've definitely been praying for that one!


Lynn T said...

Gill, Allen,

I am glad you are settling in so well and that Joe P is sleeping great. Sounds like all the unpacking is going good. I'm so so happy you are in Nashville, with grandparents just minutes away.
Love you,


amberhess said...

We are so thrilled for your family. Our congregation at Davis-Monthan AFB is continuing to pray for you and for Joseph's complete healing. We pray for many many special times ahead there in Franklin. I mentioned to SJ not long ago that your family is such a great example to all of us of how the Lord wants us to love on one another in difficult times. Thank you for continuing to share your lives with us. We will continue to read and pray!!
The Hess Family

Christy said...

Cool, a dirt road!!! I want to see pictures of the dirt road, your fields, and the mailbox. Any mailbox that could hold a crock pot is blogworthy in my opinion.

beth said...

miss you lots
love, beth

Anonymous said...

From a fellow (well, previous) Frankliner, now living in Cumming, GA - check out the Target at Cool Springs (by the mall), or there's a new one out Columbia Avenue. Unfortunately, I don't think either is a Super Target....like you find on every other corner here in ATL.

Best of Luck!

Anonymous said...

So excited about your cute home and glad the transition is going well so far. And, all those Intowners are amazing to have taken such great care of you guys and to have given you an amazing going away party! Still checking in and praying. Love,
Chas and Catherine

Boothe Farley said...

yesterday i went into publix to grab some strawberries and angel food cake and whom did i see but mrs. peabody and sweet joe and holly! i was so thrilled i could hardly contain my joy! sellers was in the car with conor and i had to restrain myself from going out to get her! she would have loved to meet joe! he looks wonderful. maybe someday we can meet at the park and let the kiddos play. know that we love you and are so thrilled you are close to family. we are praying continually.

conor, boothe and sellers

Anonymous said...

happy to hear you are settling in to your new home. we are still thinking about you guys all the time and are of course remembering you in our prayers. praise god that joe is sleeping well! may it continue. your new house looks fabulous. so glad that you are close to family now.
believing in a miracle,
dave, erin & quinn

Sam said...

Gill, Al Joe P and Holly,
I am thrilled to hear the move went well and that Joe turbo is finding time to sleep at night! I miss you all a ton and can not wait to play on your new swing set!