Monday, April 21, 2008

Breaking in the New House

Cousin Eli came to visit in ATL before we moved Last time for Bouncin Bob New Hair cut and nose job The little Princess Joe's new room

Joseph and Holly have started breaking in the house with their patented style of destruction and chaos. We have enjoyed our first week in Franklin and the kids are loving being so close to their grandparents and uncles Dave and Matt. Earlier last week we finally convinced Joe that it was time for a haircut. We were tired of the question from strangers: did he try to cut his own hair? On a side note, kind of like asking if a woman is pregnant, never do this. Anyways, Big Daddy, Holly and I accompanied him, and he did great until the end when he started crying saying, "What happened to my hair?" He didn't really like the buzzed look, but it looks a lot better than the weird patches he had before.

He is doing fine right now; we go this week for his first oncologist visit in Nashville for blood work, so you can pray for that to go well. He usually has a major freak-out when he realizes someone's going to access his port. Next month we'll go back to St. Judes for another follow-up scan.

I found out about another three year old boy who has GBM a few days ago on the internet. We put up his link to the side. Please check out his website and pray for him and his family as well.


Jody (atlanta) said...

I already admitted being addicted to this blog. Warms my heart big time to see you all enjoying your life...your family is just so loving and amazing (no better words). Thanks so much for the videos. I miss you ALL!

The front yard and house look fabulous & more steep driveways and the kids can ride free! I am so happy for your new home and peace you finding in Franklin. I pray for more good sleep for Joseph, fun times for you all, continued strength & miraculous test results in the coming weeks. Love you all and think of you always.

PS - I like the new haircut...Joe has always had striking eyes and amazing smile and the new look brings them out even more. His smile on those video is too cute!


Kate Etue said...

It was so great playing today! Joseph looks great and Grey had so much fun. He wants to play again soon.

suzanne morris said...

Good Morning and THANKS for keeping us a part of your lives through the wonders of technology.
I'm so happy for you to have that great house and FLAT driveway.
I always love your photos and videos and I know you never know what you'll catch on camera, but my heart strings were especially pulled when I heard Joseph say, "I'm so happy right now."
You'll treasure that quote and the sound of his voice forever.
As we prepare to watch Grace graduate, I love to go back to old videos and hear the sound of her little girl voice.
The downstairs foyer at church just isn't the same without you.
Lots of love, Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Jospeh's words, "I'm so happy now . . ." are so touching. Giving thanks to our Lord for the happiness Joseph experienced that day- riding his bike, playing with Holly, being with Daddy, and running to see Mommy. Your home looks wonderful and knowing you're close to family makes it even more so. We'll be praying for an easy doctor's visit this week! We love you!
Mel & Steve and family

redeemedintohope said...

just went to the site for jack. it really broke my heart but also made me realize how unbelievable blessed your family is right now.

truly truly Lord thank you so much for what you are doing and how you are being faithful to this family.

looking forward to maybe meeting you guys and babysitting if you ever need it when i move back to franklin in just 2 weeks!

hope today is good for you and your precious family.

Q's NEWS said...

How wonderful to see the kids playing and happy. I am glad you are getting your new house set up and ready to go. Seemed like a smooth move, which is awesome!

Hope to see more pics and video just like these!

Love from WV,

Elizabeth Myatt said...

My name is Elizabeth Myatt and we live in Knoxville (friends of the Millers), my husband and I are both from Memphis and maybe know some of your family through some high school friends....Anyway, I have been following your blog for many months and should have posted a comment before now. You all are amazing. You are so encouraging to watch live and Joseph is so blessed to have you all as parents. I have been praying for you all since November and will continue, thanks for keeping this blog so we can see what's going on with your sweet family.

carolyn & dave said...

We had so much hangin' out with ya'll on Sunday. That's an awesome playground you have up the street. It was fun to learn all the names of the Cars characters and play cars with Joe and Holly.:)

Talk to you soon.

Carolyn & Dave

Carrigan Family said...

Glad you are getting settled - I know having your family close will be such an amazing blessing ..... if you have any questions about Vanderbilt's clinic, etc. - please call - will you be seeing Dr. Kuttesch? Ryan's favorite nurses are Susie and Rebecca - they are so incredible and work on kids time - as long as it took for Ryan to get ready - he had it down - walk back to the procedure room, sit in chair, pull his shirt up - oops - I gotta go to the bathroom - I would always try to get him to go before, but we finally decided it was his way of being "in charge" :) - after potty - then back to procedure room and then he would instruct the nurses on what they should do first. My number is 615-452-1574, I am sure there will be some anxiety for all of you heading into a new place - seriously - call you have any questions.

Mary Lee Carrigan

Anonymous said...

Hi All
Briliant video's and photo's. Can't wait to see the real thing in the Summer. I know the house in Franklin it's absolutely brilliant hope you love it there.I'd move in any day. Great to see Joseph so happy and Joseph and Holly so loving towards each other. Looking forward to seeing you all real soon. love Ann Ben and the boys

trmills said...

So fun to see Joseph's room and his handsome new haircut. The house looks wonderful and all the friends and family are a huge blessing, I know. We'll be praying for the oncologist visit this week.

Craig and Gwen said...

Missing you guys a ton. LOVE the new
front yard! And Gill- a Y in the hood to boot - hurrah! Glad Joe is getting some better sleep.

Much love - Gwen

Nana said...

Nana is addicted to the blog Jody and I live down the street!!!Praise God for all the love and support The Peabody Bears have!!That princess in the mirror is saying "mirror mirror on the wall who is the cutest"and everybody said Holly and Joseph!!! Leigh Ann Joe P. loves Holly's room just as much as his own room because Holly and Snow White put the kettle on and make him tea!!I'm serious Holly has a stove that talks and they both love it!!!!Keep praying all you bloggers!!"This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it"lots of love and hugs and kisses Nana and Grandad and David

paige said...

a message for Joe: we think your new haircut is totally cool!! You were so brave Joseph.

paige and scott

notes from em said...

Love, love, love the video clips, please keep posting them for us all to see. Joe, love your hair cut! I know it will make you run and swim faster, and you wont be so hot this summer!
we love you all
and are continuing to pray for you all.
emily miller

Anonymous said...

"I'm so happy now" --we are all thankful to hear those words. Be encouraged family. Prayers continue daily.
vann & norma

Alice said...

Hey you guys. Very sweet videos of Joseph and Holly. They're such good friends! Hope you're enjoying your new house. It looks beautiful. Sending all our love from Ireland for all of you. Love Alice and Maud. xxxx

Courtney said...

I LOVE seeing the video clips! I'm so glad you are getting settled and enjoying being in Franklin. You all continue to be in my prayers...

-Courtney S.