Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good Hair Day

The other day, Allen and Holly were jumping on the trampoline, and Allen comes in laughing and saying, "Quick, where's the camera?" I was on the phone, so I'm running around trying to still listen while frantically trying to locate the memory card and the camera. We finally put the two together and Allen ran off to complete his mission.

All our efforts paid off, as they resulted in capturing this:

And this:

Hope it makes you laugh as much as it did for us.

We are on vacation at the beach, but will post some more pictures soon. Hope everyone is enjoying some warm weather.

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The Dogs said...


My brother, Matt, and his wife, Abby, have just found out they will be at Emory next year for his residency. He is doing internal medicine right now and hopes to do gastro stuff later on. Anyway, would you mind if I gave them your email address? They are excited and nervous all at the same time. Please email me at Thanks!
Em'ly Owens

Wright Family said...

That picture is so funny. Impressive that you captured it on camera! Hooray for another giveaway! I love your sister's cards!

Margaret said...

You HAVE to send that into a magazine or photo competition. What an amazing shot!

Lynn T said...

I LOVE these photos...amazing. We miss Holly here and these pictures make us miss her all the more! (and you and Allen, of course)

Love the giveaway:)

Jody (atlanta) said...

Adorable!!!! Her hair is getting so long. We thinking of you all. I LOVE seeing pictures of Holly. Post some of you and that growing belly and handsome hubby. We look forward to enjoying the HOT atlanta summer with you all.

Sarah and Holly could be twins with their smiles, cheeks, expressions....I take double takes looking at pictures of both girls. They take after their beautiful mommas!


Nana said...

David and I just laughed ourselves silly Im glad Allen clicked and got those "angelic" photos and that happy smile.We love Y'all say hi to Beth and from O.M. We have changed Holly_Bears name to Holly -hair!!

Kate Etue said...

Love it!

Randi said...

Oh,your little girl is absolutely gorgeous..... I just smile thinking of those photos!
I just 'signed up' for the contest... I hope I win!

notes of em said...

those are hysterical, and somewhat angelic. it kind of looks like a halo around her, with the sun shining the way it is. Its still really funny! and a super congratulations on your newest baby! I hope and pray your feeling more like yourself with each passing day.
and as for the give away, yippee! i entered but I also ordered. its just all so cute.
have a great va-cay!

Christy said...

She looks like a dandelion!

Chloë said...

ah, a little heartbreaker in the making. she's adorable. great shots allen. hope you're both doing well and enjoying your hols. no warm weather here.

the o'connor clan are off for a family holiday to Inis Oirr next weekend, for Big Jim's 60th. Apparently, 50 is the new 30, so I'm wondering if that makes 60 the new 40? More importantly, what age does that make me?

Love Chlo. xx

Anonymous said...

very cute!
Hope you guys are doing ok these days.

Anonymous said...


abbie said...

what cute hair :-)

Anonymous said...

I never comment (hardly) on blogs but when I saw the picture with sunlight in her hair, I was going to say, "You have to send that into a magainze!" And then I saw that a poster named Margaret had already said the same thing! And her idea about a photo competition is also a great idea. I can't IMAGINE it getting turned down! Keep sending it out and I guarantee you someone will publish it! It almost reminded me of angel wings behind her. Sensational! Both photos are cute but the first one with her laughing is the best one to send in. Good luck!

Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing your life on here. You do an awesome job being honest and an encouragement to others despite your pain. I am praying for you.

Holly looks way more like Joseph than the last time I saw her as a little toddler. ...Joseph will not be forgotten.

She is very pretty -and wacky:). Cute.

Jessica Airman