Saturday, April 11, 2009

A 5K for Joe P.!!

We have some more exciting news! Allen's sweet brother, Matt, is organizing a 5K in Joseph's honor. He and his team have come up with a date--October 31st in Nashville, TN at Centennial Park. Mark your calendars and start your training for this fiercely competitive race (Just kidding!). The wonderful Rally Foundation is helping him organize it and all proceeds will go to this foundation to fund childhood cancer research. They will create a website where you may sign up so we will keep you posted about that once it is available. We are so excited about this and are so grateful to Matt and his team for honoring Joseph in this way.

In other Peabody news, we are still planning to move around the end of May/beginning of June. We haven't found a house yet, but at the end of the month I will be going down for a shower and plan to look at some houses then. We have not started packing yet, although that will probably start happening soon (I hope). We accumulated about 5 million new toys this last year, so I'm really dreading tackling that play room. My sister, who is toy-organizer extraordinaire, has promised to help me so I'm holding you to it, SJ!

I've decided to tackle another project--digital picture organizing/printing, just so we have more stuff to pack. :) But, since I haven't printed a single picture since um, 2006, it just has to be done. I have found a great website and it is really easy to upload my many pictures pretty quickly. It has been very sweet to look back at pictures of Joseph and Holly playing together, going to parks, playgroups, etc. They were the cutest little team ever. I know it is crazy to post pictures from over two years ago but I have to share a couple of my favorites (these are February 07):

We wish you all a very happy Easter tomorrow. Yesterday I took Holly to the Resurrection Trail at church and tried to help her understand that Easter is, in fact, about something much bigger and cooler than easter eggs and candy. It was really well done and it made me cherish Christ's sacrifice so much more as I pondered what it meant in real life for us and for Joseph. I think she really understood that Jesus was killed but when I told her that God made him alive again, her face lit up and she was so happy, b/c I also told her that it meant one day she and I and Daddy and Joseph could all be alive together again in heaven (she was quick to add Kellogg to our family). I was so glad we went, though, because sometimes I need things explained to me in kid-terms to make it real in my heart. At the end of the trail all these children dressed as angels were exclaiming, "He is risen!" and it was such a beautiful glimpse of heaven to me and made me feel like we were close to Joseph. We really can only imagine the beauty but I know it has to be staggering. This Easter I am so thankful for the miracle of the resurrection and the sacrifice of Jesus that allows us to have confidence in our eternity.


Randi said...

I am so moved by your description of all the kids yelling "He is Risen!" Kids have such beautiful hearts and receptive spirits!
Thinking of you all, you sweet Peabodys. Happy Easter!

Dando said...

I'll be running in it and I am recruiting others!

Kate Etue said...

I feel like there's so much to comment on in this post! We'll be at the race . . . in costume maybe? :) The pictures are adorable and Holly's hair looks so dark! Grey asked me today if we could go visit Jesus where he lives and play with Jesus and Joseph. Tears, so sweet. And I've been listening to Jill Phillips' new album and it talks so much about loss and faith that I think you might like it. That's probably enough for one comment!

the morris gang said...

Thanks for writing this post, Gillian. I feel like this easter my heart has been pretty cold to Christ...not exactly sure just all seems like the same rituals year in and year out. Same songs, more crowded pews than normal, prety dresses, ect. But reading your post...especially the part about the kids dressed as angels shouting "He is risen!" and thinking about Joseph and that he is living that reality every moment was just what God used to soften my heart and remind me that He is alive and He is not caught up in some lame rituals that we get caught up in. Thanks friend! God is using you...
Love, Jennifer

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to hear that Matt is helping organize a 5K to honor Joe P. I had not run in 15 years when I first heard that Joseph was sick. I started back the day of his first surgery. Jogging had always been a good time for me to pray and I have continued to pray for your family every time I run. I sure hope that I will be able to come and run in the race. Also, Saint Jude's is starting a new 5K run in Nashville this May. I don't know the date but perhaps there might be an interest in having a Team Joe P. run in it. Hope all had a great Easter. "He is risen!"

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing. Looking at the photos makes me cry for you and your loss; constantly lifting you all up in prayers.

Sarah-Jane said...

I though of Joe P all through our service today.
he talked so much of people being healed with new bodies in heaven. I just kept yearning to be up there with Joseph. It was so hopeful to think of that.
And without a risen Christ it would be impossible.

Where O Death is your sting??

I love you sis.
My favorite was Joseph and HOlly in their chairs and Joseph is holding about 10 cars.


Anonymous said...

As always, your writing moves me to tears. And, I'm sitting here crying, when I should be in bed.
I missed Joe P. so much today...but really no more than any other day. I am thankful for the promise of heaven and the promise that we will one day all be together again and NEVER have to say good-bye.
I LOVED the pictures you posted and can't wait to view all of them. I smiled through the tears.
Love you SO much,

Anonymous said...
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Karen said...

I have been following your blog for several months now. I live about an hour outside of Nashville. I have been running/training for some time now and have always wanted to run in a marathon, this would be the best start, in memory of your sweet Joseph. I will be looking forward to updates on the run:)

Chloƫ said...

ah, thinking of you gill. miss you guys. good luck with the packing and the move. lots of love

Margaret said...

Oh, how I love seeing those pictures! Oh, but Gillian, my heart breaks for you that it must have been a roller coaster to look back through all of those memories. But hopefully part of the healing process too. I had the most bizarre dream of you 2 nights ago- I will email you details.
I will either make it to Nashville or be a 'spirit' runner from Atlanta and time my own morning run to coincide!
Cannot wait to see you soon!

trmills said...

Those pictures are so, so lovely. What treasures.

Having just been through packing and unpacking, I can feel both your pain and your anticipation. Can't wait to find out where home will be for you!

notes of em said...

don't feel silly posting those pictures, they are great! i love both of them sitting in your lap. I am with you on the whole explaining Easter to our children, its a great reminder and renewal of what we know and live, but often forget the simplicity and depth of. happy packing!

Lynn T said...

Gillian, I love the photos. I love Joseph leaning in to kiss Holly. So sweet. I am proud of you going through your photos as I am sure that is hard. I can't wait for the race. Matt has done such a great job. We are spreading the word.
I love you so much,

Jean Joiner said...

Happy Easter...Great to read your update. Let me know if we can do anything for you on this end.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gillian,
I am indeed an anonymous reader... I don't even know how I found your blog, but I did. I've read since July or August. Anyway, I have been feeling especially tired, sorry for myself, and overwhelmed this weekend. I have a one year old precious boy and oh, you know, I have just been feeling beat down. Back to my point, I got on this evening and checked your blog and saw sweet pictures of your Joseph and immediately my heart softened and I thanked God for being able to be worn out and tired. I remembered what a blessinge every day is... even if they start with a wake up call from my son at 5:30 a.m.! What sweet, sweet pictures you posted. I cannot imagine how much you must miss Joseph-- somehow I miss him too. Thanks for sharing and reminding! God bless,

Shell said...

Thank you for posting about your experience with the resurrection Trail.

And Yes I would love to run in the 5k. So let us know when we can sign up :)

Anonymous said...

Count me in for the 5K. I'll see if I can get Nathan Tutt and Ward Tarkington too.
- Andy P.

Rally said...

The race is less than a month away! We are excited and cannot wait to hear all about it and see pictures.
Rally Foundation