Friday, August 15, 2008

Veggie Tales

We love Bob the Tomato!

Joseph practicing his art
The "real" Larry the Cucumber!
Joseph painting Joseph
Joseph riding his Lightning
Making music

Yesterday we got to go on a tour of the Big Idea studios where they make all the Veggie Tales videos and movies. We got to meet the the man behind the voice of Larry the Cucumber which startled and confused the kids (but once he held up a toy Larry they all got it and thought it was amazing). Our friends from Atlanta the Slotkins are here for the weekend, so Joe's best friend Yogi got to come too. They did some painting on the computer, played with some of the instruments in the music room, and Joseph had his picture drawn by one of the artists (It was such a cool office, by the way...musical instruments, art, big fluffy Bob the Tomatoes to sit on, computers you can paint on. Come on, can this really be called work?) They had a great time and we are very thankful to Melissa and everyone at Big Idea for letting us come and interrupt the day. Everyone there knew about Joe and his story and were very gracious and sweet to him. He was treated like a little king.
At the end of the tour, Joseph started crying because he thought he was going to a Veggie Tales store where he could pick out a toy (I don't think he quite fully grasped the idea of a studio and that Larry and Bob aren't real talking Veggies). He was almost at tantrum level when I told him we could go to a store and buy something afterwards. Then as we were about to leave, they took us back to the lobby where there were three baskets filled with toys and books and movies for each of the kids. They were all so excited and happy. Thank you, Big Idea, for a wonderful morning!!


Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures! What an amazing field trip! Blessings to all the people who work at Big Idea. I know they made all of you very happy. Praying for a wonderful weekend with Beth, BJ, and Logan. Hugs and kisses, Mimi

Kim said...

What a fun adventure. I can only imagine the confusion over why Larry's voice was coming out of a funny to imagine. I am thankful that you all got to have such a fun day...I love family fun days!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! What a fun day! I am glad the Slotkins were there to share it with you!

Catherine Morris

tracey said...

how fun! Landon is begging for more pics of Logan and Joseph together -- he was so excited to see them BOTH on the screen together (and Holly too:). What an incredible day...such a dream visit for their age. hoping your weekend is lots of fun.
love, the shells

Sarah-Jane said...

ahhhh. yay. I love Big Idea!!! does Phil Vischer still run Big Idea??
glad to see some laughs and fun:)
and I LOVE the picture of Joseph in Lighnting.
do we get copies?
can't wait to see you soon.

Abbie said...

That sounds like a wonderful experience for the children. I'm sure they were startled to hear Larry's voice coming out of a real live person. :-)

randibisme said...

Wow, what a trip! My two year olds are now getting into Veggie Tales as much as their Daddy is! It's a lot of fun to hear all three of Mommy's boys singing that familiar tune "Welcome to my house, it's the one up on the hill.." I am so glad you all had a great time!
How is the weaning off the steroids going? Joseph looked great in the photos and appeared thrilled to chill with his lovely little sis and his best friend! The Booth family praqys for you all night and day.
Randi Booth

Chloe said...

hey, it looks like a lot of fun at the big idea! even though I have no idea what veggie tales are... the pictures are wonderul. xxxx

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