Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Go Joe Go

Quick update on Joe P.: He is now walking around very quickly, holding our hands--although this morning when he did his laps around the house chasing Aunt Lynn I barely felt like I was helping him at all. His motivation to get walking is always a new car, so he and Holly are now at Target with Nana and Aunt Lynn picking out their new toys. As most of you know (Christy especially :)), Target is one of Joseph's favorite hang-outs--especially now that he has discovered that is where they keep the cars.
He is taking his medicine better and better, and Holly takes her medicine (juice) as well, which helps him feel like they are even (which they always have to be!). He had to take 6 teaspoons of one medicine at first and we are now tapered down to 4, but if any of you have tried to give your child even one tsp. you know what a battle it can be. He is being a real champ about it, especially since it doesn't taste very good. We have done some outings to the park and McDonalds but so far he hasn't been up and running around yet. It is nice to be out of the house and get some fresh air, though. And his eating is fabulous--the steroid he has to take increases appetite, so no worries about getting his nutrients.
His sleeping is okay--he is usually up a few times at night, but he is sleeping some and taking a nap during the day. He really loves his new room and I think feels even more comfortable in it than he did in his toddler bed.
We are meeting with our awesome neuro-oncologist on Thursday. Have I mentioned how much we love her? She has been so kind to us and we feel completely confident in her abilities, which is a real blessing. She gave us 3 or 4 options for treatment, one of which would be at St. Jude's in Memphis, so we are going to discuss that more with her on Thursday. Please keep praying that God would make the best decision clear to us.
Again, we are overwhelmed with our friends' amazing generosity and compassion. Our house is overflowing with groceries and food and Joseph's car population has doubled in no time. We do have some great new pictures from Aunt Lynn's new camera, so we will post those soon.


Bert said...

Thanks, Joe's update brought a smile to my face.

Vann and Norma said...

Your mom is teaching as I am reading this update. I can't wait for her to read the encouraging words. It has been overwhelming to hear these young kids pray for Joseph - they have great faith in the power of our Lord. You are loved by many. Blessings on you today. love, Norma

Megan said...

This is great news...thanks for the cheerful update! Having worked at St Jude, I can't say enough about how they care for the little patients. The Target House for families is great too--this is in Midtown. I still have the teddy bear that they gave all of the employees of St Jude on the day they announced the plans for the Target House...and I'll bet the Target House has a lot of cars there too!

All the Best with Many Prayers,
Cousin Megan

Wrights said...

hooray for such improvements from joseph! we are praying for wisdom and that your decision will be completely clear. we continue to pray each day that joseph will be completely healed.
nathaniel and rebekah

Betsy said...

Praising God for increased energy, excellent doctors and fun toys!

Betsy Huey

sj said...

I have basically locked Deacon in his room so that I can write this :)He hates when I am on the computer.
so glad that he is walking more...he'll probably be running by the time I get there on Saturday.
Can't wait to see you all!!!
miss you and love you

sj said...

Thanks Tracey for my ticket..I know you read all the posts :)

Jody (atlanta) said...

The update and progress brightens my day. We love you all and Abby cannot wait to come play again. We will visit soon. We are praying for wisdom and that your decision will be completely clear. We will be sending special prayers on Thursday and look forward to hearing update. Love, Abby, Jody, Molly

Anonymous said...

Ah, so glad to hear things are going so well. I wish I was there wtih you guys!

Jennifer said...

Yay! He is walking!!! Fabulous. I wish I was still there to see it. So glad Lynn is with you. Tell her hello. I love you and miss you and will pamper you silly if in fact you do end up at St. Jude's. Kisses & hugs to all....Jen

Amy said...

I was just directed to your blog today for the first time... I too have young boys and I just can't imagine having to face something so difficult. You can be sure that the Myers Family and the Park Hill Church in Texas will be adding Joseph to our prayers.

In Him,

Rebecca said...

I continue to pray.

And I love the title of this post. :)


Anna said...

What a blast of sunshine straight thru my computer and onto my face. thank you.

Sara said...

Thanks for taking the time to post- it is such an encouragement to hear that Joseph is doing so well! We will be praying for wisdom as you make treatment decisions. If you end up in Memphis, I will definetely have to come visit when I am home seeing my family. There are already a lot of people in Collierville praying for you guys!


Matt said...

Know that if you do decide to come to St Jude, our church, friends and family here (& of course Jen and I) will provide you with the support you will need.

That said, its so great to hear Joe P is almost running around on his own! Thanks for the update, Gillian. And Allen, there's a fedex envelope coming your way tomorrow.

Love you,
Uncle Matt B

Lauren Klein said...

Yay! I'm so happy to hear this. Joseph is definitely a determined little boy! I hope Thursday's meeting and your decision brings you some peace. Love, Lauren

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news!!!I can just see Joe trying to decide on which car to buy at Target. Thanks for the updates. Give Holly and Joe P. a hug from Mimi. I know you are loving having Lynn and your mom there helping out. What a blessing.
I am sure you are overwhelmed with the outpouring of love from your friends and family. I pray today you will know how much your Father in Heaven loves you and that you will rest in the shelter of His mighty wings. I am constantly lifting you all up and asking God to guide you daily as you care for Joseph and as you make decisions.
Love, Mimi

Craig and Gwen said...

So Happy that Joe P is improving!

Praying a ton for ya'll as you make the treatment choices!

Love you - Gwen

Anonymous said...

Sunshine for Joseph

Sunshine and Miracles will come your way.
In the day when you play.
Pray each day with all your heart and maybe miracles will start.
Be an encourager.
Be kind to all around you.
And you'll go open another door to more miracles.
If you Just believe, you'll receive and achieve.
Just Believe.

From Ariell
Mrs. Peabody's class

susan said...

This is great news!! You "Go Joe GO"!! Joe which car is your favorite? I will be praying for your meeting on Thur. Did you guys get your CD yet? I want to see some dancing.

I love you all,


Kara said...

Prayers from OK going up to heaven for Joe and your entire family!

courtney said...

Awesome news! Praying for wisdom and continued progress!!!


scott cunningham said...

Ariell, your poem is very inspiring! It takes me back to the days when Gillian and I were in a poetry class in college. Gill, have you come around to my interpretation of that Robert Frost poem yet? ;)

scott cunningham said...

And, I'm so glad to hear that big guy is recovering so well from his surgery. Hard to believe he had brain surgery just a week and a half ago! What a trooper. Get that kid a car from me, too (I'll pay you back later) :)

Anonymous said...

We were so glad to know how well Joseph is recovering. It is so encouraging to hear updates and read the prayers and comments from people around the world. We would love to see more pictures [Holly also]! We're praying that God will direct your treatment decisions. Love Martha and Karl

Ann said...

Hi Gillian spoke to you briefly,hope everything is going well with Joseph's home coming. Love from all your family in Holland - Ann hope to see you soon

katy said...

So glad to hear that Joe is eating well and playing -- both of those activities seem to help the body heal! Will continue to pray for your decision about treatment -- will you make your final decision on Thursday?

Mary Vagnoni said...

I was in your house when Joseph took his first step, his progress is amazing and uplifting. Looking forward to the new photos.
Still on our knees in Bogota,
Love Aunty Mary,Uncle Philip and cousins Orlagh,Valera and Anna

Vivi said...

Praise be to God! What wonderful, wonderful news. We are anxious to get together once things settle down for you.

Jeanne said...

So wonderful and encouraging to see Joseph's bright smile and hear good news about continued recovery! Yea for cars and Targe`t! Thank you for taking the time to update! It's so appreciated! Continuing to pray diligently for the Lord's healing hand to be upon Joseph and for your decision making still to come. Here for you as needed....Love Jeanne

Joann said...

praying for all of you ~love from the rosenbaums

Courtney said...

So glad Joe is doing well. If you guys do end up coming to Memphis for St. Jude, I can help out with whatever you might need.

Courtney S.

Journada said...

We love reading that Joseph had a good day today and is enjoying his big boy room. We are praying every day for you and will especially be praying for clarity with the treatment plan.

josh, keely & salem

Anonymous said...

God bless - praying for all of you!!!!

sarah and maddy said...

Hi Gillian,
I was so happy to read your updates for the past several days. I have been in the hospital since last week and now we're back home with our new little girl! I have been praying for Joseph and your family and thinking about you all the time. I'm SO happy that Joseph is back home and doing so well!

Elle and Brooks said...

So glad to hear that he is feeling better! I will continue to pray for wisdom and guidance as you all make some tough decisions in the weeks to come.
-Meg Bloomer

Jiggs said...

Thank you for the update ... I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you to take the time and make the effort to write in such detail the stories of your (and Joseph's) continued successes. Please continue to know how much we who are too far away to walk through this with you in person appreciate your permitting us to join with you in this way.

Somebody (Lynn, Matt, Will ... someone ...) is going to have to tell me to stop when my ramblings become too redundant for even really kind folks like yourselves to tolerate ... but - in addition to my prayers for the continuation of Joseph's healing - I continue to pray that all of you who are participating in the making of the critical decisions will be able to see and feel God's presence as He continues to equip each of you ... sometimes by inches and sometimes by miles ... to make the correct decision. I am absolutely convinced that God, who has given you the strength to face what you have had to face, will continue to give you all that you need to choose wisely - and correctly - as to those things which you must decide.

In the Episcopal Church, there is a point in the Confirmation service at which a person who has been previously Confirmed can reaffirm their Baptismal vows. The person who is making the reaffirmation, having just reaffirmed those vows, kneels before the Bishop, and the Bishop, laying his hands upon the person, prays the following:

(Name), may the Holy Spirit, who has begun a good work in you, direct and uphold you in the service of Christ and his kingdom. Amen.

It is my most strong sense that God has "begun a good work in" Joe P. in His healing of him. Those words keep coming back and coming back and coming back to me as I think about - and pray about - what is going on in your lives. Please believe that God, having truly begun a good work in Joe P., will continue with that good work.

With continued Love and Prayers from Kansas City ...

Tracey said...

Wow! This update just made my day. I'm amazed at Joseph's strength - praise God! Target and cars - a little boy's dream:-)

Praying for wisdom as you make some major decisions in the coming weeks.

laurahpenney said...

Great update to hear! Continuing to pray. . .sounds like he's taking everything like a champ, and enjoying the positive side, like all the new cars :) As a parent, my heart aches for you and I pray the Lord will give you the strength to continue trusting him each day, patience thru every day, and a peace that passes our understanding. Yall are displaying such faith and resolve! Keep up the great perspective--Joe is lucky to have such wonderful parents and family!

Laura Penney (Harris) and family

So Blessed said...

Praying for your family...

Steph, Bryan & Owen said...

As a complete stranger :) I hope you don't mind the thoughts and prayers coming from our family. My own 3 yo son and I are thinking about sweet Joe and continue to pray for him. Many prayers from Texas!

amber said...

What a wonderful day! So thrilled to hear it and thankful for how well he is recovering from surgery. It put a big smile on my face when you described Joe's love for Target and cars as our son Jude loves Target for the exact reason. So fun and helps me to experience even more of his excitement and joy along with you. We will be praying for Thursday. Please tell Lynn and Pauline hello!
love, amber hess

Chris Austin said...

Thanks so much for the update! Little Joseph has captured my heart, and I am so glad to hear how well he is doing. God bless doctors who are competent AND have some bedside mannger!!! We are praying!

Margaret said...

So pleased to hear Joseph continuing to heal and he is excited by the things he should be-cars, chase and Target. I will be praying especially hard Thursday, most of all that you will feel confident in a decision about treatment. It must be overwhelming to make such big decisions, but you are not alone. As much as we would love for you to be here in Atlanta, I can see from this blog that you will be surrounded by love, help and support no matter where in the world this journey takes you. I know that Joseph will touch those around him anywhere and make all of his doctors, nurses, and caregivers work even harder than they already do to make him better. No one can resist his spirit, charm and smile!

Love, Margaret

Chloe said...

Great to hear of the progress. I'm so delighted.
Wish I lived closer so I could visit and help!!
Love Chloe.

PeepStone said...

Hey Gill!

Glad to hear of Joe's mobility. Johnny and I are sending big good thoughts and prayers you guys' way. Let me know if you need anything, okay?


Laurie said...

Great news! Praying for his continued healing and progress. I ask the Lord to lead you through the right decisions for his treatment, as the Lord already knows the plan. I pray that all fear and anxiety be kept far from your hearts as you trust God for Josephs healing.

Laurie in Ca.

LR said...

Thanks so much for the great news. We continue to pray for your time at home, that you will have some great family time together. I'm so glad you are getting out some. My grandson, Braige, also loves Cars - anything Cars - I hope Target doesn't run out!
We love you and will be praying for you on Thursday as you meet with your Dr. I'm glad you have a good relationship with her. We'll be praying for wisdom and that a decision for treatment can be agreed upon.
We always continue to pray that our Lord would show Himself to you in tangible ways, as He has through so many friends.
He is faithful.
Our prayers are with you,
Scott & Linda

ravsugarman said...

My wife Barbara and I met Joseph's grandmother and Holly this morning around the lake at Lenox Park. I happen to be a rabbi and my synagogue communities will add Joseph to our prayers. Our hearts go out to Joseph and all his family. And please know as well, if there is anything I could ever do for you, or if you ever just want to talk, please do not hesitate to contact me...

The Green Family said...

Allen & Gillian,

You don't know me however Margaret Wise passed along your blog information. My wife and I are praying for Joseph and both of you daily. May the universe be filled with positive energy for you. Your updates are incredibly touching and loving.
Our son, Ryan, was diagnosed at 11 weeks of age with neuroblastoma. After an intense 1st year of chemo, surgeries, hospitalization we were granted a miracle. Today he is a happy healthy boy who will turn 4 in April. We want so badly to give you a miracle like that….NOW. We will pray for one.
I wear a yellow "LIVE STRONG" bracelet today and have since Ryan was diagnosed. The woman who gave it to me explained that the significance of it being an elastic is that just before an elastic is about to break it is exerting it's strongest force. Similarly although you both may feel like you are going to break at times...you are at your strongest.

Go Joe Go.

The Green Family (William, Kim, Ryan)
Chicago, IL

Anonymous said...

These wonderful news updates are so great! Thanks for taking time to keep up the blogspot. We are so so happy for you Gillian and for Allen for these good days to give your mind and spirits a breather. Praying the new doc. does miracles too! Love, Peddles

annette pacetti said...

Allen and Gillian,
I am glad that Joseph is improving steadily. I know that provides you some relief, even as the tough decisions lie ahead. I am so thankful that you have such rapport with the oncologist. I am certain the Lord's hand is on her as she informs and guides you.

I am praying that there would be a clear "next step" to take and not only that God would open the doors but that he would clearly usher you in...

"I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand I will not be shaken." Psalm 16:8
"Since you are my rock and my fortress for the sake of your name lead and guide me." Psalm 31:3

Love, to all,

Amit said...

Hi Allen & Gillian-
Wow, just heard about all this recently, i'm glad joseph is walking and eating well. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. All the best for Joseph!

Cece said...

If you end up at St. Jude I know you'll have lots of support here in Memphis!

Cece (Jen's friend in Memphis)

Anonymous said...

Faithful God and Friend,

Thank you for the joy we hear from Allen and Gillian's latest note.
Thank you for the joy they have in each other and in your provision.
How wonderful if all of life could be reduced to that simple
formula...your provision.

Thank you for the lessons they are teaching me about faithfulness,
contentment, happiness and perseverance. Thank you for our
courageous brother Allen and sweet sister Gillian.

Today you are our Provider.

nana said...

plese continue to pray for joseph to sleep well'he is such a trooper.the cars from the car movie are such a motivation to get joe p moving.gillian and allen amaze me with the patience and love they show joseph and holly they are truly the most fun parents i know.lynn i miss you already and hope you got back to tuscaloosa safely.i have had a wonderful week here with holly and joseph and feel so blessed to be able to help holly and i have made new friends every day at the park.today we were especially blessed to meet the rabbi and his wife babara and their cute dog a yorkie with a blue bow named haffe.holly loved the doggie.thank you rabbi for your prayers for joseph and your message. we spend a lot of time at the park the ducks have never been so well fed.holly also played with a little boy named david a sweet four year old who showed holly how to make leaf angels...like snow angels.he then sang us danny boy!!and he closed his eyes and prayed for joseph.we were truly blessed. i miss all my friends in nashville and of course david and billy.keep lifting joseph up to the lord.love from mom (nanna pauline)

Paula said...

"Oh, the deep, deep love of Jesus,
Spread his praise from shore to shore!
How he loveth, ever loveth,
Changeth never, nevermore.
How he watches o'er his loved ones,
Died to call them all his own;
How for them he intercedeth,
Watcheth o'er them from the throne!"

This is what I see when I read this blog! I am reminded of His deep, deep love for each of you...for all of us! We are all praying for rest for Gillian, knowing Joseph wants his mommy all the time. We are praying that he sleeps well, that you and Allen have quality time together as a family with both Joseph and Holly, and that the Lord our God would direct your steps!
Remember that Jesus Himself intercedes for you in addition to so many others. He is faithful! He will do it!
In His great love,
P. Wilson

Megan said...

Allen & Gillian,

I am working to learn more about the Duke Neuro-Oncology program, as it once hosted one of the top programs in the country, perhaps this is something your doctor will discuss with you on Thursday. I have a friend who is a neuro surgeon at Duke, and several others who should be able to tell me more. Just know if you go to Duke, you will have lots of support and love from me and from many of my friends.

Cousin Megan

Jennifer said...

Praying for tomorrow's meeting. That you will both feel confident in your decisions about treatment. Joseph is so blessed to have parents that seek God and His plans. "Seek and ye shall find". He is directing you in this path.

When you have moments of weakness, call upon the Lord's strength. "Ask and it shall be given unto you".

Know that we are all praying for you and love you very much. You are not in this alone; God has provided you with support. You are being prayed for across the globe daily. God uses the prayers of His people to bring about His will.

I love you guys so much.


Lynn T said...

I miss you all so much. I am praying today for wisdom for you both. God has guided you every step of the way so far. He will continue to guide you.

Like Jennifer said, you are not alone. We are all here to support you in any way you need it. Tell Joseph I love and miss his smile, especially when he knows he is about to receive a car or get a treat!

Love you all tons,


Anonymous said...

What a blessing your updates have been, bringing weeping and rejoicing---and always, PRAYER! There are many here in Memphis lifting you up to Jehovah Rapha (The Lord Who Heals), and praying for "wisdom from on high" concerning treatment. It would be difficult for you to be away from home, but please know that the Body of Christ here would be privileged to love and care for your dear family.
Much love, Carol

Jane Burlingham said...

I just heard about little Joe. I am a HS friend of Grandma Kathy. I have a 3 year old granddaughter of my own and my heart is breaking for you. But I know that our God is able, and will take care of Joe as He sees best. He has a great plan for him. I will pray for healing for your precious child. I will also pray for strength for you during this time. The people at St. Jude are the best. I live just outside of Memphis, but if I can help in any way when you are here,let me know. My e-mail is jburlingham@comcast.net. If you read this Kathy, I love you and am praying for you all. Jane Caldwell-Burlingham

Sherry & George said...

So much power in prayer's! Joe is a precious little boy with strong parents & grandparents. It's ok to cry your eye's out & I relate to you. My son has brain cancer & was diagnosed a mixed glioma May 2005...there are 2 parts to a mixed glioma, one part is an astrocytoma. I have learned so much since that time, feel free to contact me anytime. I have walked in your shoes, I feel the tremendous spirit & understand your pain. I will pray daily for Joe. Sherry (Kathy's classmate)

Chas and Catherine said...

Hey guys:

I just got the blog site from Laura R. I am so glad we can track Joseph's progress from here in Orlando. I am so burdened for you all and will continue to pray. You all were such a blessing to us while we lived in ATL and I hope we can return that blessing by serving you in prayer.

Catherine (for both of us)

Clell said...

Hi Allen and Gillian -
All the Deavers are praying for Joseph and your family.

Clell and Jane, et al.

khearn said...

Your post brought a smile to my face. God is Great. We will continue to pray for you and your family at Bible study.

Pat Graham said...

Thanks for keeping us all current on Joseph's progress--it is so encouraging to see the descriptions of his improvement. We continue to keep you all in prayer.
Pat & Doris

Sara B said...

Been praying today. I'm so glad you can trust the Father in such an important decision.
Please let me know if I can do anything(is there an echo in here?)!

much love-
Sara B

Kimberly said...

Allen, Gillian & Family -
I am Dan & Laura's sister-in-law from Tucson. We have been praying for all of you for quite some time. Our 3 year old daughter, Kailee, had surgery to remove a brain tumor last August & we know all too well, the gamut of emotions you are going through. Joseph is on the prayer chain at St. Andrew's Presbyterian as well as in my MOMS Group. St. Jude's is an amazing place, with countless resources - you are blessed to be there. I know God has Joseph in the palm of His hands & loves him more than all of us combined - what a comforting thought.

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you & not to harm you, plans to give you future & a hope." Jeremiah 29:11

In His Healing Arms,
Kim Rollman
Tucson, AZ