Friday, November 30, 2007


As I sit here typing, Jospeh's still sweet body rests a few feet from me. Allen is *trying* to sleep on the tiny couch in the room, but his 6'5" body doesn't quite fit. Gillian is (thankfully) still asleep at home. Allen refuses to leave Joseph's side but has agreed to sleep as long as someone stays awake in the room.

The plan is to alternate shifts so that he can get some much needed sleep. As I mentioned, the nurse has to come in and check Joseph's eyes and other vitals every hour, so its quite the disturbance to his rest. And if any of us need rest, it is definitely Joseph.

I ask that you pray for hope and rest for Allen and Gillian. I ask that you pray that our heavy hearts find respite. I ask that you pray for joy in the midst of this horrindus situation. I ask that you pray for little Joseph as he is confused and in pain.

Looking at my precious nephew in a sea of cords and gadgets coming out of his body is heartbreaking. As Matt just reminded me on the phone, Joseph is in God's hands and God is with him right here in this room. We have to trust that.



Jiggs said...

There is a mighty temptation in my heart to try to type THE words that will bring you and those there in the PICU with you comfort and peace and calm. That temptation lasts right up to the point at which I start to type ... at which point my inability to craft those words becomes apparent. Thus please just know that I share your pain and share your worry, and pray, simply, that in so sharing them with you I might be able to carry a little of them for you.

In His Love, and with ours, and continued Prayers from Kansas City.

Jiggs & Ann

Audrey said...

I am friends with Ashley Smith. Like my friend Courtney said in a previous comment, we had 23 women/mothers in tears and in prayer last night at a Christmas party here in Gallatin, TN. We love you guys in the blood of Jesus as our family. We are crying & praying with you even though I cannot imagine how this must feel actually being Joseph's parents and seeing him go through this. I'm a mom of two little boys so all I keep doing is imagining if this was one of them. I just cannot even fathom it. I, too, don't have any fancy words to say but it is not up to me (thank goodness) to comfort you. I beg in the might name of Jesus the Christ who's death & resurrection has set me free that our God, the great healer & physician will touch your precious Joseph, that Jesus the Christ the great I Am would be your hope and strength, and that the Holy Spirit will be your Comforter & Strong Tower. Your sister in Christ- Audrey Finney & family

Sally said...

Allen & Gillian,
We've been trying to take the verse "pray without ceasing" to heart. You've been in our thoughts and prayers throughout the day and night. In particular we're praying for rest and peace right now.
Wes & Sally

Brea said...

Allen and Gillian -

Our hearts are aching with you and we are remembering you constantly in prayer.

John and Brea

Rosie Udouj said...

Allen and Gillian- Tim and I praying for Joseph, you both and your families. Thanks for the updates. ROsie Udouj

Jody said...

I wanted to 1st say thanks for updating this are doing great job.

Gillian/Allen- I am praying for you all and you each are constantly in my thoughts. Please know how much my family loves your family. We are here to support you all in anyway we can...please know that.

Joseph - Abigail wishes you well and is keeping you in her prayers. You mean a great deal to her and are one of her 'oldest' friends. She hopes you come home soon from the hospital and can come spend the night and play.

Continued Prayers, Jody, Rob, Abigail, Molly

Wrights said...

I woke up several times in the night with you on my heart. We have prayed for you guys constantly and will continue praying all day. My dad says that all of CPA and CPC are praying for Joseph. Many many people are lifting y'all up.
Nathaniel and Rebekah

Rebecca said...

Allen,Jillian and family,

You don't know me, but my daughter Amy is in Mrs. Peabody's class at NHA. Your mom is very dear to us and therefore, you are to. I have had the privilege of subbing for your mom in her absence, and I wanted you to know that there are 13 precious 8 & 9 yr. olds who have been, and are, lifting up Joseph in prayer to Jesus. They have asked for a miracle in Jesus's name. They have prayed for wisdom for the doctors and peace for you. They have made cards and they have waited for news about Joseph. You are family to these sweet little ones and they love you and Mrs. Peabody dearly. There are no words that can give the kind of comfort, peace, and hope that you need. But there is a redeemer who can. My prayer is that you feel the strength of his loving arms wrapped around you. That he gives you rest in his mighty refuge, and that you know without question that you and Joseph are his and he loves you more than you could ever imagine. We will continue to pray and pray and pray !!!

Rebecca Partain, and Amy

The Johnson Kids said...

Gillian, Allen, Jennifer and Joseph and the rest of the family,

I have not stopped thinking, praying and hoping for all of you to heal emotionally and physically. There are no words for a time like this but I know your faith and our prayers to God will get you through.

Amy Johnson

Craig said...

We Love you guys soo much and are praying all the time for ya'll.

Much Love,
Craig, Gwen, Katie Jane and Claire

Anonymous said...

I miss you guys so much already. We are praying CONSTANTLY and cannot get you out of our thoughts. I love you, Gill!

Mel said...

Aunt Mel would love to come and keep watch over Joseph. I know some of my nursing skills are rusty, but I have had many hours of experience watching and praying for patients during the night hours. I am ready to come when you are ready for me. We love you- Steve, Mel, and kids

God is our rufuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.
Psalm 46:1

michele said...

I am a friend of Kathy's in Nashville. My love, thoughts, and prayers have been with you guys and will continue to be. May God bless each of you with everything you need: comfort, peace, rest, faith, trust, and well-being. He is holding Joeseph and all of you in His arms.

Browns said...

Gillian and Allen,
We, like so many others, are thinking of and praying for you and for little Joseph often and will continue to do so...
From St. Louis,
Beth Ann and Jason Brown

cochrans said...

You have all been in our thoughts and prayers over the last few days and we will continue to pray without ceasing.

Jenny, Stephen, Keillor, Rosemary & Ada

Anna said...

Sweet Gillian, We are loving you all and praying for you. Emmanuel. Anna and Jason

shannon said...

Allen and Gillian,
I wanted you guys to know that my thoughts and prayers are with y'all. i am just hurting for you and the pain i know you feel. something my mom always said, even to the end, "God is good, all the time. and all the time, God is good." i will continue to lift you up. much love, shannon southard harris and family

Becca and Ben said...

We love you and are constantly praying for you and your family.May God be with you and your family.
With love,
The Fulghums

John said...

allen and gillian,
john, marisa, sarah, katherine, mary-simpson here. we love you and we are praying, hoping, and weeping.
we are so sorry and so longing for your prayers and ours to be answered.
the lord be with you and all of us
john and marisa