Friday, November 30, 2007

Afternoon update from Jennifer...

I am here in the PICU at the Children's hospital at Emory. I arrived about an hour after Allen and Gillian recieved the news that the surgery did not go as well as they expected it to. As Matt mentioned in the previous blog, they could only remove about 1/3 of the tumor before they began to have a hard time deciphering the tumor from the actual brain tissue. This is of course, not what everyone had hoped for.

I saw Joseph and he looks so much better than I had expected him to look. He is recovering well and is very alert, asking for his cars and drinks of water. One of the first things he said to Gillian was "take this off me!" as he held up his hand which is punctured by the IV. If you have spent any time with Joseph, you know that he is strong willed and spirited. I know this is working to his advantage for his recovery.

The doctors are keeping him medicated with morphine, but it is just enough to keep the pain down so he can rest and not be knocked out completely. Over the next 24 hours, he will be woken on the hour to be checked. They have to shine a flashlight in both eyes, which is a bit uncomfortable for him.

Tomorrow morning, another MRI will be performed on the tumor. I will let you all know any news that follows the MRI. He will be in recovery here in the PICU for the next couple of days and then be transfered back to a room in the main hospital.

I sat with Gillian in the waiting area as she wrote down the following prayer requests on a post-it note before heading off for some sleep. Her requests are as follows:

1. Pray that there would be no infection from the surgery.
2. Pray that Joseph would be calm and able to sleep/rest.
3. Pray that the doctors can figure out what exactly the tumor is and that it is benign.
4. Pray that Allen and Gillian can rest and be strong for Joe.
5. Pray that they can rest in Jesus' love.

Allen is currently resting with Joseph in the room in the PICU. Gillian has gone home for the first time to rest. They have slept so little. I urge you to pray for them and for their spirits following the bad news about the surgery.

I cannot imagine going through this without knowing the hope that Jesus offers us. That hope is carrying us all through this. Thank you for your prayers. And thank you Holly, for the treats and the ride for Gillian.

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Courtney said...

Jennifer, I am so glad you made it to Atlanta safely and that you're able to be there for Allen, Gillian, and Joseph. I know the surgery didn't go as well as everyone had hoped, but many people are continuing to pray that the tumor is benign and that Joe doesn't have permanent hearing loss.

My prayers and love are with you and your entire family.


The Fields said...

Dear Gillian and Allen,

Just want you to know that my family is praying for you and Joseph everyday. I've added his name to our congregation's prayer list, so know that on Sunday your friends at Grace Lutheran are praying fervently for Joseph as well.

Our hearts go out to you, and we ask Our Heavenly Father to bring you and your family health, rest, peace, comfort, and hope.

In Christ,
Heidi Fields

Oldqueen44 said...

I am wondering how Joseph is. I pray for your family.

Oldqueen44 said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I have had Joseph on my prayer list for a long time. I will continue to pray for your family for the peace of God to wrap you up and give you comfort.