Sunday, November 29, 2009

Update on June

Well, I guess it's not really fair to have the cutest baby alive and not give out any updates on her. :) Little June is almost 3 months old and is working on her ABCs. Just kidding. She is really smiley and has started "talking" back to us when we talk to her. This is quite adorable and just makes me want to sit and talk to her all day. She loves to be held and only started tolerating her bouncy seat or swing at about 2 months. Now she can sit in there and smile at the lights or the mobile and be very content, which makes me very happy too. It is nice to have my arms back when it's time to cook dinner, play with Holly, etc. She is growing well and continues to be in the 95% for height and weight (that's my girl). When I look at her I see Holly as a baby, but then when we have looked back at Joseph's baby pictures she looks so much like him as well. I suppose all our children will resemble one another quite a bit. She definitely has Joseph's great arm and leg rolls and those fabulous chubby cheeks.

We are really thankful for this little girl. She is bringing us a lot of joy and it is just really fun to watch her little personality unfold as she gets older. She loves the sound of Allen's voice and lights up when she hears it. She does the same for Holly's voice and I can tell will have the same admiration for her that Joseph did. She is a fun girl to watch--always moving or dancing or playing pretend.

I am loving having two kids in the house again. Now that there is another child along with Holly I have found myself several times wondering, "Where's Joseph?" We will just be in the living room and I will have this strong feeling that he is back there napping. Sometimes it still doesn't feel real that he is not with us anymore.

The other day we were eating at Moe's and Holly saw a family with three children. She said, "They have FIVE people in their family!" Then she looked at us and said, "We have four, and one in heaven." Then she took a bite of food, and reconsidered. "We have five people in our family." I thought it was really sweet that she was thinking about Joseph, and I have to agree with her. We do have five. I have learned to not always share this with strangers, but I'm glad Holly still considers him part of our family because he was such a huge part of her life since the day she was born.

I am looking forward to seeing the relationship that is forged between Holly and June. Holly continues to be very protective of June and very helpful (i.e., pulling out ALL the burp cloths and getting me 10 diapers at a time). She also will bring me water and bring me the boppy when it's time for June to eat. What service! I can tell she is adjusting to not having my attention all the time, but I think overall she has handled the transition very well. I hope and pray that she and June will be close friends as they grow up together.


Nana said...

Oh my goodness she is the cutest baby in the world and of course Holly is the cutest big sister.I miss not being able to see them on a daily basis thank goodness for the internet so I can see cute photos.I am so thankful for you Gillian you are a wonderful Mom and very fun too.I am proud of Holly remembering Joe P. and being able to count to 5 in fact "add"It is hard to believe it has been 2 years since Joseph was diagnosed.I do thank the Lord for the time we had with him.David and I were remembering his first movie at the movie theater "Happy Feet" when Grandad and I took the grandkids to Coolsprings Joseph was 2 and a few months he was sooo excited he kept looking accross the seats at Bella-Claire and Eli and beaming (that big Joe P. smile) he was checking to see if they were as happy as he was.I am so thankful for that great and happy memory.The candy and the popcorn was a big hit too!!I am so glad we have that photo of them at the theater.We will be making lots of new special memories this Christmas season with Junee Berry and Holly-Bear and all the cousins."This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it.Love and kisses Nana-Bear

Anonymous said...

Great picture of the "June-Bug"!! She, of course, is beautiful...just like Holly and her big brother Joseph. I too, see so much of Holly in her and then the next moment, I see Joseph. Thanks for sharing the story about being at Moe's. Holly is so perceptive and wise. Your family is a family of five...not four. Just like Nana said, it is very hard for me to believe as well that it has been 2 years since we got the news and then it seems like forever ago. We are so thankful for all the great memories we have and believe me I think about them all the time. And, we will continue to make more memories!! May the joy of the Lord be your strength today...
Love, Mimi

Chloƫ said...

hi gill. I love June! she is so beautiful. still thinking of you all the time. a friend of the family, ingrid mccarroll was asking for you today, and it prompted me to check your blog. I'm glad I did, kind of a relief to hear how you're doing.
lots of love, chloe

Christy said...

I will always think of you as a mother to 3 (or 4 ... or 12 ... whatever the case may be). Holly's comment made me cry - she is so right.

That photo of June is fabulous! What a gorgeous smile!

Jean Joiner said...

Yea for sisters!

abbiegrace said...

Sweet Mama of 3, thank you for this post. Little June is precious. I love that stage of smiling and cooing. I'm so glad to read about how y'all are doing and how sweet Holly is being such a helper by bringing you 10 diapers at a time. (that made me laugh) :-)

Randi said...

She is beautiful, just like your other 3 kids. You will always be a family of five, Joseph will always be your son, your first born and Holly and June-Bug's big brother.