Saturday, September 19, 2009

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Last year I totally missed it. I wanted to let you know about a couple of ways you can show support:

Chili's restaurants are donating 100% (yes, all of them!) of their profits to St. Jude's on September 28th. Kids can even decorate their own pepper to put on the wall to show their support.

You may also participate by running in/supporting Joe P's rally run, which will take place on Halloween in Nashville. Go here to sign up. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who have donated or signed up. We are already at 30% of our goal of $25,000!! The Peabody clan will be there. I'm hoping to at least walk fast. :)

On the homefront, we are adjusting well to life with our new bundle of joy. June is such a sweet baby and Holly is being the sweetest and most caring big sister ever. She is so proud of "her baby." We have had lots of help from grandmas which has made the last couple of weeks so much easier. Thanks, Nana and Mimi, for your tireless helpfulness and love.

Hope to see you all at Chili's or in Nashville on Oct. 31st!


Anonymous said...

I miss you all SO MUCH! I loved being there and watching Holly love on her new sister. Thanks for letting me come and help out.
Love, Mimi

Christy said...

That is so neat about Chili's! I need to put that on the calendar. I love it that you're going to run in Joseph's race mere weeks out from having a baby ... you're so cool. (And I know you wouldn't be anywhere else.)

juliette said...

Hey. Thinking of you all often.Thanks for letting us know about the night at Chilis. We will plan on going!

Anonymous said...

Our girls colored Chili's chili peppers on Labor Day in Little Rock and put Joe P's name on them! They had so much fun doing that to remember Joe!
Sarah Hathaway, NHA Franklin

Anonymous said...

Dear Gillian ~ My name is Brenda. I havent read your blog in quite sometime. You see my son Nathan went to heaven Feb 8 2008. He too had a brain tumor. When I read your blog for the 1st time I just couldnt follow it bc you described your feelings just as they were mine and it made me so sad. To think that yet another mother of a precious child has to go thru this. I just couldnt do it. How do others get thru somthing like this without Jesus? Plus it brought back so many hurtful memories of my own. The pictures of Joseph looked just like my Nathan. As I read your older posts I couldnt believe the things you wrote because it sounded just like I wrote it myself. I just wanted you to know that I have prayed for you. Even though we dont know one another, my heart is to yours. I dont even know what that means right now. I am just over run with emotions myself. It was just so overwhelming to read how you felt at Josephs birthday bc like I said it was like reading my own feelings and thoughts. I too have had another baby since Nathans homegoing and I know what you mean by wanting Holly and June to know Joseph and for Holly to always remember him. I want my 2 yr old to know who Nathan is by pictures and my new baby too. I dont really know why I am telling you all this I just wanted to I guess. I know the pain and hurt while missing them will never go away but I pray for the both of us that it will get easier and when we look into a picture of our boys that we will think JOY and not sadness. Joy for what they and who they were to us. We were chosen to be their mothers and what a blessing that is. We will see them again and it will be better than we could ever imagine. God bless you. My email is I am going to choose anonymous bc I dont know how to do this blog stuff!! :)

Nana-Bear said...

This little message is for Brenda and Gillian.(Brenda Iam Gillians mom and Nana _bear to Joseph)Iwant to both to know that you are so brave.God has a plan for both of you.Isaiah 40;11 says "He tends His flock like a sheperd;He gathers the lambs in his armsand carries them close to his heart;he gently leads those that have young" I pray this blessing over both of you today.Thank you for writing Brenda and may God bless you today and always.Love from Nana-Bear.

Margaret said...

We actually ate at Chilis (totally coincidental) on our way to Nashville last year when they had the fundraiser and we will be there again tonight in Atl. I wish I could come for JoeP's run but I had already signed up for a half mar in Atl. I'll be thinking of you all there while I am running here!
Brenda- My heart goes out to you. I was blessed with being part of Joseph's life since he was a few months old and of the Peabodys. I pray that you have as many people praying for you and holding you up. I can promise you that all who visit this blog and see your post will include you in their prayers!