Sunday, July 5, 2009

Joe P's Rally Run Website

Joseph's 5K now has a website! You can register to run or just donate to the cause right there on the website. We are hoping to raise $25,000 to fund more research for childhood cancer. I think we can do it! This is the website:

Thank you so much to Matt P. and Rally foundation for working so hard to get this up and running. It will be in Nashville on October 31st. It is not intentionally on Halloween--that is just the date that worked for Centennial Park.

I'm sorry I have been so long in updating! We have settled back into Atlanta and are enjoying our new home. I had a lot of fear/anxiety about coming back and being away from family and Allen starting back into a crazy schedule but so far God has made the transition relatively easy for us. We have a great community of friends here so Holly and I have been enjoying reconnecting with friends and their kids and she and I have been exploring our new area of town, finding the library and pools and such. We just joined our neighborhood pool (which we didn't even know about when we moved in!), so I can see that being a great source of entertainment for the rest of the summer. We also had a nice couple of weeks before Allen started back at work. For Father's Day he was lucky enough to get princess Yahtzee, a game he has been begging for for months :). Holly likes to play this game approximately 5.3 million times a day. Isn't this guy a trooper? He even participates in tea parties.

Allen had a couple of weeks of orientation but officially started back at Emory on Wednesday. He had completed 6 months of his intern year, so they gave him credit for that. This was the hospital where we took Joseph initially so there have been moments that have been very emotional for him. I cannot imagine even stepping foot inside that hospital without just breaking down, so I am so proud of him for entering back into this despite all the obstacles. It is not humanly possible to get through this, as I know he will be confronted with children that remind him of Joseph or have similar illnesses, but (as trite as this sounds) with Christ all things are possible. And somehow in our very weakest state, He is glorified most.

The baby is growing steadily and I'm wondering (again) if my belly could possibly grow any more. I know it can but when I look at it I just don't see how it's possible. I have about 2 more months until my due date, but who knows when this baby will make her appearance? Joseph was 10 days late and Holly was 5 days late, but I'm really hoping this one won't wait that long! She is moving around a ton, and often I will think something has hit my belly but it's just her kicking me, letting me know she liked her lunch. :) Here is an updated picture:

I am so thankful for this new little life inside me and hope it will help in this continual healing process. Having Holly to care for and snuggle with and entertain has been vital for me this last year. I just cannot imagine losing a child and then just having an empty house--no-one to wake me up in the morning or need playdates or activities, etc. . I don't even want to imagine what state I would be in if that were the case.

I had a doctor's appointment today and everything looked great. The doctor even let me have another ultrasound--just because. She was measuring great and she estimated the baby weighed about 3.5 pounds. It is amazing to me that she will most likely gain another 5 or so pounds in the next few weeks.

I hope you all are enjoying the summer and getting to enjoy pools and beaches and cookouts and all that fun summer stuff. Hope to see you October 31st!


Kate Etue said...

lookin' great! we had a great time hanging out and miss you guys so much. need to chat soon!

Anonymous said...

We have to believe that God knows each and every thought and feeling that you, Allen, and Holly have. We have to believe that He is holding on to you, giving you the strength to put one foot in front of the other one. We have to believe that He is going with Allen in each room and down each hall of that hospital. We have to believe that the children he sees there will see the love of Christ through Allen's eyes and that the parents will somehow be comforted by Allen's voice or a look he gives them.
We have to believe.
Miss you so much and looking forward to seeing you soon.
Love, Mimi

Chloƫ said...

I've been thinking about you so much and my visit for the Cottonwood parade last year, when I met the delightful Joe P. It seems like yesterday and like a lifetime ago at the same time.

Allen, well done on getting back to the internship and Gill, you look fab, and it is very exciting to hear about the progress of the next little tyke! A very special little gal indeed.

Keep well and love you lots.
Hello to Holly, who is looking more and more like a little lady every day. :.)

XXX clo

Lynn T said...

I love Joe P's rally run website...we will be there! We miss you so much and had a blast hanging out with you all. Gill, you look beautiful and Allen, I'm proud of you returning to Emory.
Love you all...cannot wait to meet my new niece.Oh yeh, you forgot to tell me her name. Just call me later and let me know.

Randi said...

Hi Gillian,
You look great! Allen and Holly look like they absoutely love the princess Yahtze game. That is great.
We pray for you guys every single night. I think of Joseph often. We are very proud of you and your family.

Anonymous said...

You look great, Gillian. I know countless children will be blessed to have Allen as their doctor.

Melissa and Kayla

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

You look awesome!!

I have thought about what you said - as macabre as it sounds, when I hear that people only have one child, the first thing I think is, but what if you lost him or her?? I cannot imagine being a mother for 15, 20 years and then just waking up one morning and - you aren't anymore.

Plus, without siblings, who will our kids gripe to about us when they get older??

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

PS will be praying for Allen.

Sarah-Jane said...

we haven't officially registered yet, but we will be there. I am going to make my kids train for it. Eli was just concerned that there was going to be a neighborhood where we could go door to door. Cottonwood here we come!!! we run door to door to get the big Candy bars:)..I remember Scott Roley talking about that in a sermon.
Your belly looks great. really great.
I have 2 more orders for nursing call me.
love you mucho

notes of em said...

you have never said a thing that could be considered "trite"
and you look fantastic!
Have I missed where you've announced her name?
Ill be praying for Allen as he finishes his next 6 months.
We have been thinking of you all so much. Even Sadie Parker has been praying for Holly to not be lonely without Joseph. He is still remembered by so many.
Love to you.

Carolyn Page said...

I'm glad you guys have made yourself a nice home in ATL. I'll be at the rally with Dave and Little Dan.

Take care,

Allyson said...

So glad to know you guys are doing well. You look so cute and I can't believe how tiny that belly looks!

I still pray for your famiy each time I pass the Moe's near our house! I'll add Allen and his time at Emory to those prayers.

We aren't far from Nashville, and I'd love to participate with the family next year if you guys do it again! We'll be welcoming a new little one too right around that time (hopefully not on Halloween), but you'll be in my thoughts that day!


Anonymous said...

You look great! Maybe I'll get my running shoes out of the closet and come to Nashville for Joe P's race, too. Don't hold me to it, though. :)

-scott cunningham

Carrigan Family said...

Marking October 31st on my calendar and I will spread the word ..... a special way to honor Joseph's beautiful life.

Praying for each of you and that sweet little one on the way.