Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thank You, Rally Foundation

You may already know about this sweet foundation that raises money for childhood cancer research (I have a link to them on the side of our blog). A couple of their athletes biked across the country this summer in honor of Joseph. And all of their fundraising efforts go specifically to childhood cancer research.

I just found out that they are doing a "race in place" (biking) fundraiser this weekend in Nashville and they have a "Team Joe P."! I just got an email and I was so touched that they would have a team in Joe P.'s honor. So, I wanted to let you all know about it. You can visit the team's webpages to check on their progress and even donate if you like. (from this page you can link to his team members)

I know many of you have run races in Joseph's honor (St. Jude Marathon this past fall was one) and I cannot tell you how much that means to us. Thank you!

And thanks so much for all your work, Rally Foundation. Go Team Joe P.!!


Jody (atlanta) said...

thanks for sharing....what a great cause and boy to be riding for. I will check it and sending them lots of strength. LOVE YOU ALL!

Nana said...

It makes me so happy just to hear his sweet name mentioned.I can picture Joe P cheering them on!!Shouting "Go team Joe P"We miss that rascal a lot .Go team Joe P go!!love from Nana -Bear

BJ said...


Randi said...

I am blessed by how many people have been impacted by Joseph's life.
Thank you for this!

Anonymous said...

Will you all be making an appearance at the event?
If so, do you know about what time?
I would love to see you again before you move.

Lynn T said...

This is awesome. Thank-you Rally Foundation! Go Team Joe P!!!!
Love you all,

Christy said...

Oh, that is so neat!