Sunday, November 9, 2008

What We've Been Up To

We have a new member of our family, a cute little beagle we have named Kellogg. My mom found her on the side of the road on the way to dropping David to school. It looked like she hadn't eaten in weeks and had no collar or tag, so my mom had pity on her and took her home. She then called me to tell me she had found Holly's dog. A flea-ridden half-starved dog. Just what we always dreamed of. :) But then I met her and she was the sweetest little dog, very scared but really sweet and loving. When I looked at her, I thought, "This is our dog, and her name is Kellogg." Don't ask me why.

We have been contemplating getting a dog for the last few months, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. We took her to the vet and got her fleas and worms (uggh) taken care of, so now she is fattening up and looking healthier every day. If only we could get her to pee outside, she would be the perfect dog. She is really patient with Holly treating her like a baby doll and so far has been extremely gentle. And I think Holly gets competitive with her and gets jealous if I'm giving her too much attention. It is really funny. They have even started to fight over toys. Holly has a care bear that talks, and Kellogg is either scared or very excited by it, but still loves it. Well, we had a big fuss over it tonight and we had to resort to "taking turns" between the dog and Holly. Oh boy. It's good for Holly to have a little playmate, though, and she absolutely adores her little puppy (who is actually 3 yrs. old).

Speaking of potty training (the dog), I have decided to add to the craziness and try to potty train Holly once and for all. This is the week. I am a big wimp and basically put off potty training until they are practically asking to be potty trained. Holly has been asking why she can't wear the underwear that has been sitting in her drawers for months now. She can definitely use the potty and has been for a while, but things have been so crazy, it was just the last thing I wanted to do. But now it's time (I think). She asked again tonight if she could start wearing underwear so we are going to really focus on it this week.

Holly has been taking a little "Mommy and Me" gymnastics class once a week and has just been loving it. Her favorite thing is the trampoline, but this last week she got to swing on the rope and she got really excited about that. She is good at all the activities, but she has exceptional arm strength, so hanging on bars and ropes are her forte. This is her waiting for her turn to swing on the rope. You can see the glee.

This is Halloween. We had a really sweet flower costume for her but all she wanted to wear were Joseph's Thomas pajamas. Last year Joseph was Spiderman (in pajamas) so I think she may have wanted to be like him. She looked adorable either way and people still gave her candy even if they weren't too impressed with the costume. :) Here is a picture from last year's Halloween. You can see the similarities:

How we missed him this Halloween. It just wasn't the same without him there to lead us in running from door to door. My heart still wrestles with believing he is really gone. I know Holly is struggling to grasp it. She is finally telling us that she misses him, and if I say I miss him too, she will quickly say, "Me, too." We are so thankful for Holly. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have her little voice and face to light up my day. She definitely has her "terrible two" moments and days, but I'm even thankful I have her here to drive me crazy. It is a privilege to be able to raise one of God's creations. I just pray constantly that He will give me wisdom and grace to teach her and guide her the way I should.


Kate Etue said...

Hi! I'm glad to see a new post. I feel a bit like I'm stalking you though. ;) We'll be praying extra to help you get through the holidays. Remember to only do what you want to do over these next few months. Feel free to say no a lot, if that's what helps. Anyway, looking forward to playing on Tuesday!

Margaret said...

Boy, those Halloween pics got to me so I can only imagine it was tough to pull that up and post it. I picked up a little something for you at a church sale this week (in the mail soon..) and I just busted out crying when I took it over to pay. I kind of choked out why I wanted it and all I could say was 'it just kind of sneaks up on me sometimes'.
Also, amazingly an old friend of mine called me the other day and said 'Do you know the Peabodys??' I've been following their story and my church has been praying for them for months and I just saw this post that Mag, Matthew and Sarah came to visit- is that you??' I think we are down from 6 to about 2 degrees of separation around Atlanta for the Peabody Prayer Warriors!
LOVE the pic of Kellogg- I am still laughing over you refereeing the Care Bear btw Kellog and Holly. Too cute- hope you get some of that on video.
Will be thinking of you loads over the next 2 months.

Jean Joiner said...

gil, i don't see how you do it. your sweet voice in these posts is always so amazing and uplifting to me. it really makes me treasure the little moments of life. the photo of holly at gymnastics is adorable. i can't believe how grown up she is. i would love to see she and everett play together again. i'm sure they would have a blast. miss you!

Anonymous said...

Miss you guys! We want to play soon and meet your new puppy!

Chloe said...

holl is so adorable! so is kellog. I didn't know pauline had found him. seems perfect alright. thinking of you. love chlo. xx

Jody (atlanta) said...

Congrats on the dog. Dogs are wonderful additions to your life. They are work - as I am taking Murphy to vet and groomer today - but well worth it. I personally find 'mutts' to be the best dogs - they know you saved them. They truly love you unconditionally and are the best friend a child can ask for. I love the name and you are extremely generous for opening your heart and home.

Thanks for sharing your life and photos. It breaks my heart and makes me smile at same time hearing how Holly wants to wear Joe's PJs and misses him more. I am sure it day to day for you all.

Good Luck on the potty training. I look forward to finding time to see you all soon for visit.

I am thinking of you so much lately and just always in my prayers.


donnyandkim said...

Thanks for the post, Gillian. I saw the picture of Holly in the Thomas pajamas before I read the description, and my first thought was: "Oh, I bet those are Joseph's pajamas. She wanted to wear Joseph's pajamas." It was just a guess, but I definitely am choked up reading about it. My Millie is 18 months, and Hunter likes wearing his Thomas pajamas because Millie can now say "choo-choo" and he likes it when she follows him around in his pajamas and says "choo choo." I knew exactly what you meant when Holly only wanted to wear those pajamas. I know she looks up to Joseph so much and wants to be like him.
We are still praying for you guys.

Randi said...

You are doing an incredible job. In the first photo of Holly at Halloween, I could not get over how much she looks liek Joseph. I'm crying as I write this. I never met him but I miss him so much it hurts.
I am happy to see you all have a dog. Kellogg (sp) seems adorable and I'm sure this is very good for Holly.

Kristi Powell said...

Hi! I have been following your blog for about 8 or 9 months now, I think I've only posted once, but have wanted to a thousand times. (I heard of your story from a member at our church here at Skyline.) It brings tears to my eyes when I think about you all and what you have been through, but I see how God is showering you with love and helping you all through this. I hope you don't mind, but I have posted your blog on my blog as one of those blogs that I visit frequently. I continue to uplift you all in prayers through this holiday season.

Jaime said...

I, too, have been so thankful for little Holly. Thank you for sharing about her. You're on my heart and mind. Jaime

Abbie said...

Precious Holly!

I'm so glad that her smile and laughter light up your day.

Anonymous said...

praying for you all still - hurting with you.

Emily said...

I was thinking of you on Halloween, and your picture of Holly in Joseph's pajamas is both so incredibly sweet and so heartbreaking. You all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers! I am so glad that you got Kellogg. A dog's abounding love can be good medicine sometimes!

courtney said...

Hannah and Emma Grace are in gymnastics, too. And EG's favorite thing is the rope swing. She loves it! Praying for you guys so much.

Anna Tester said...

Ahhh xxxooo!!! Love the doggie- I think you and my mom are the only two people I have ever know to take in stray dogs with worms. The sweetest.

I HATE potty training. I would NEVER do it except in order to get into MMO out here they have to be potty trained - UGH. I know Hampton's little friend told me hampton was ready to go the potty and I said thank you but we are moving across the country. Anyway now we are and hampton had an accident at chickfila in the play gym tonight- yep process that probably not the first kid.....

And I did find probably the only chickfila in southern cali.

I thought about you all election day as there ended up being a polling station about a hundred yards from our house!!! Next year cookies are coming to newport beach!

Okay sorry for the long post just telling you that I love you and thinking of you often.



PS Thank you for the post! And pics!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gil,

I've been thinking about you a lot. Your post reminded me about about a situation that happened with Miles when he was 4. Our best friends through graduate school were Swedish and we met them their first year at UGA when Miles was about a year. They had 2 girls--one was 2 years older than Miles and one 4 years older. They took to Miles immediately and over the next 4 years he saw them pretty much everyday and sometimes more than that. They were his world. Miles was 4 when we found out they were moving back to Sweden and I was sick about how Miles would handle it. I tried to prepare him but that day came and we went and said our final goodbyes and both girls were bawling there eyes out and didn't want to let go of him but he didn't seem to understand. Over the next weeks and months I kept waiting for his reaction and he would only say things like, "I want to invite Beata and Botilda to my birthday party" etc. In fact, for a while I was almost hurt that he wasn't devastated--because I sure was. He talked about them all the time but it wasn't anything like I expected. About a year later we were driving in the car and out of the blue he blurts out, "I'm never going to see them again am I?" and he just starts bawling. For weeks he grieved and cried. It hit me that developmentally he couldn't process what happened but when he could then he did. I guess I share that story b/c if you ever feel surprised by Holly's behavior or lack of expected behavior it could be something similar to what happened with Miles.

I pray for you often,


Alison said...

Every time I read your posts, I feel moved to be a better mother, wife and Christian. You are such a sweet, honest and caring woman. I admire you so much and I am so sorry how much you are hurting. Joseph is a beautiful boy. When my 2 year old daughter sees his picture, she says 'There is Jofeff.' She always says how cute he is. I am praying for you, your husband and sweet Holly. You mean more to many people than you know.
Alison Nebl

Anonymous said...

And I seem to remember bars being your forte too - hundreds and hundreds of backward roll to h/s on the trampoline because your knees were too sore to work floor!

carolyn page said...

Holly is so sweet. You just want to eat her. :) We'll be praying for you especially over the holidays. It brings me to tears to see how Holly can possibly remember the details of last Halloween and want to dress like her big brother. I'm glad you have little Kellogg around. Maybe you can potty train both Kellogg and Holly at the same time! I'll let you know when Lil' Page decides to come into the world.

Love ya,

The Morris Gang said...

Thanks for sharing what ya'll have been up to...the dog sounds like an adventure! You are a very brave woman! I'm glad I came to your blog today because reading about your experience of Halloween without Joseph really reminded me to pray for you guys. I'm still trying to swallow down the big lump in my throat seeing Holly dressed up in pj's like her big brother. Just know we're praying for you as the "this time last year" thoughts roll through your mind and heart.
Love to you...Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Man. I miss him too and I didn't even know him. I wish he could've gone trick or treating with you guys one more time.

Kellogg is a neat name. I hope she turns out to be a great family friend.

scott cunningham

Sarah-Jane said...

Although she would have been a beautiful flower, I think the PJ's were perfect.
I love you and wish we were there.
see you SOON.
Hope Kellogg and Holly potty train simulatenously:)

So Blessed said...

Praying for you family as you continue on this grief journey...especially through the upcoming holidays...that God will strengthen you and sustain you and shower you with love and comfort.

Christy said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE Kellog! She looks absolutely perfect. I hope the fleas take a hike soon, though.

I can't imagine anything more touching than Holly wearing Joseph's pj's for Halloween.

Tracey said...

Kellogg the dog looks like a great pup! We've enjoyed life with a beagle for nearly 10 years. They are great family dogs...and don't worry, they can get fat fast and then you'll be buying dog diet food when the vet gets onto you...yep, we've done that.

Holly's choice of costume for Halloween was so sweet. It's like she wanted to bring Joe P. along with her.
Miss you guys,

Lissa said...

What an encouragement you are! I need to remember "It is a privilege to be able to raise one of God's creations" -- that's been hard for me as I discover the "terrible threes" (which seem to be worse than the 2s, at least for us).

Lisa Allen said...

Hopefully the potty training will go well. We'll pray it does. The dog is adorable and will be a great addition to the family. HOw sweet that Holly wanted to wear Joseph's Thomas pajamas. That is precious. I know you all miss him terribly. We'll be praying for you throughout the holiday season. Love, Bill and Lisa Allen

jody (atlanta) said...

Thinking of you and the potty training...for both Holly and the doggie!!!! LOVE YOU, Jody

Rhondi said...

It was nice to meet you at the mall yesterday. I hope I didn't freak you out by coming up to you & mentioning the blog. We appreciate your blog.