Saturday, July 12, 2008

Recovering Well and 4th of July pics

Joseph is doing great considering all he's been through. He is up walking around and is moving his head a little better. Today he asked to go to the playground and ride his bike, but when we got there he was immediately ready to go home. I think he forgot that he's not up to full speed and full play.

We still have heard nothing about the pathology of the biopsy they sent, and are anxiously waiting so that we can form a plan. I assume we'll hear something next week, but I really have no idea. All of his regular doctors were coincidentally on vacation last week and even the surgeon left town the day after the surgery. So the lesson is to check your doctors' schedule before you get sick.

He has been on steroids for about three weeks now and his little body is starting to show it again. They also make him an extremely light sleeper and he is waking up two or three times a night. The steroids are tapering down and he'll be done in another week or so. We will be extremely happy when they finally stop and everyone gets to sleep again. Thank you all so much for your prayers this past week. Please continue to pray for him.

We never got a chance to post pictures from July 4th, so here are some. Joseph and Holly rode in a neighborhood parade with the largest entourage I've ever seen. We had like twenty people walking around with us including his grandparents, WK, 4 uncles and Jennifer, and gillian's extended family from Ireland and Holland. He and Holly and sometimes WK rode in a power wheels jeep. The theme was I think fantasy or something like that so Joseph was once again Sir White while the girls were princesses. It was a great time and afterwards Joe and Uncle Matt P. lit some fireworks. Holly watched safely from inside the house. All of these pictures and video are obviously from before the surgery.

The entourage: almost everyone you can see was with us
posing with one of the elaborate floats

Holly's safe zone

Joseph being really silly


Jody (atlanta) said...

Abigail sitting here with me as we watch video and type this. She says "We LOVE the funny song. I miss you. That's it for now. Bye Bye"

Gill - Margaret/Laurie/I were together yesterday with the kids and we did a extra toast to YOU...and a prayer in our hearts. We SOO wish you and the kids could have been here with us or us there with you. I find myself driving by your old house whenever in Brookhaven. I wish you were closer so I could bring you a latte, watch the kids & play, just be there to give you a hug and a break.

My heart is heavy for you & your family having to go through this and you are always in my thoughts.

Thanks for updating us...I am sure the waiting is difficult. Great to here he recovering so fast from this latest surgery. I am praying for you all and wishing you more restful nights, strength in making the hard decisions ahead, and good transition from the steroids for Joe's little body.

Abigail has been asking to see video again and again as I write this. She LOVED seeing Holly as princess....

Look forward to seeing you this summer....we miss you!

LOVE, Jody, Abigail, Molly

Kathleen said...

His laughter is priceless.

Margaret said...

You're not waiting alone. Or praying alone. Or being sad or happy or anything else alone. We might physically be in Atl, but our hearts and hopes are with you in TN.

Jennifer said...

Now when WK plays with the princess costumes, she calls the Snow White top "Joe P's" and wants to wear it all the time. We miss you much. I'll be back in town in two weeks, so we will see you then. I am posting some more 4th pics on wk's site, so check it out.

Love, jen

Heather said...

I am a new reader to your blog and wanted to let you know that you have more prayers coming from Texas. I have thought about your family a lot since I have started my blog journey. I pray for hope, love, strength, and peace for your beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

You can't help but laugh along with Joe P. in the video. Thanks for posting it along with the pictures. It was the BEST 4th of July ever!!
Praying always for peace and strength.
Love, Mimi

Anonymous said...

The boys and I just watched the video and are all cracking up laughing!Joe is so beautiful and hilarious to boot!
We have not stopped praying and will not. Thank you for updating and we're glad you guys had a good 4th of July.

Anonymous said...

The boys and I just watched the video and are all cracking up laughing!Joe is so beautiful and hilarious to boot!
We have not stopped praying and will not. Thank you for updating and we're glad you guys had a good 4th of July.

Craig and Gwen said...

I was just looking at pics from last years 4th - when I made those really really strong margaritas! And the kids where all so cute playing on the slide. Holly was such a little monkey and Joseph was such a sweet boy the whole party.

Missing ya'll and soooooooo glad that he is recovering well and praying praying praying for ya'll a ton!


Nana said...

Goodness Gracious!!as my Mother would say!!To my absolute astonishment who showed up at church to-day Big Bad Joe!!Gillian and Holly were getting ready to go to Church this morning and Allen was planning to stay home and play with Joe P.when Joseph insisted that he wanted to go too!!He went to Sunday school and played with his buddies made a picture and did some glueing and he prayed too!!Now this boy just had surgery six days ago!!Gillian and Allen are right if he is not ready to give up neither are we!!!and neither am I.Joe P. you are the bestest bravest boy in the universe and we are sooo proud of you.All you bloggers keep praying..Joe P .has a lot of living to do!!and he is not wasting any time!!!"This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it"We love you all tons and tonsNana Grandad and David

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing new pictures and the update. The video is a classic --laughter is like medicine. love, kissell's

tracey said...

Landon is just laughing right along with Joseph in the video - we've watched it four time tonight already;) His silent laugh at the end is infectious! We continue to wait and pray along with you.
love from the Shells

uncle dave said...

Hey Gill and Al,
The pictures and the video are awesome. I had so much fun with you all on the fourth. It was good seeing you guys in church this morning. I'll be praying.

Christy said...

I don't think I can adequately express how pleased I am that he was Sir White in a parade. Awesome. I also love that he cracks himself up with his own nuttiness. What a great guy! Give him a kiss from me, Phil and Baby Andrew.

Brea said...

Praise God for such a smooth and rapid recovery!

Anna Tester said...

Priceless!!!! I mean Joseph fooled me too I was waiting to hear the song! Ha! Go Joe GO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Continually praying for peace.

Anonymous said...

there really are no good words i can offer. i don't know enough about what this is like. but i do know that you are suffering with Grace that is beyond my own strength and very likely beyond yours. you teach us how to suffer with dignity.

we continue our daily prayers for your whole family.

keely, josh & salem

Stephanie Stone Hemm said...

What a very tough, brave guy! We are praying for him (and so is our church :) )

I have been following Joseph's blog since December when our family learned of his illness in our Aunt Bobbie's Christmas card.

Joseph's Great-Grandaddy Lee was my Grandmother Betty's baby brother. I am Susan's daughter. I recognize the mention of Joseph's "Big Daddy" whom I assume is my mom's first cousin, Joseph's Grandpa, since that is a name from our family too, the "first" Big Daddy Leroy E. P.:)

I just wanted to stop in to let you know we are praying for you all, especially as you wait for the biopsy results.