Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Midnight Post

It's more like one in the morning and Joseph is back to waking up in the middle of the night for snacks and some TV. This is frustrating, and would be exasperating if he weren't totally happy and excited and funny. So I figured I would take a few videos since they were such a hit.

Today Joseph went to the zoo with cousin Bella-Claire and aunt Sarah Jane. As you can see by the pictures they brought a pair of Lightning McQueen pajamas which neither have taken off in a few days.

No news on this post, we are in the process of finding out exactly when we are done here. But since we won't be likely to post more videos at home due to dial-up here is a deluge of video.

Chasing seals

A three part interview with Joseph on why he is awake, his ever changing list of favorites and a very touching goodbye (warning: snot content)


Reed's mom said...

These pictures of Joe and Bella are so sweet! I'm so glad they had a good time together! Love the Joe videos--it is so sweet to see him talking with Daddy on the video, laughing and having some fun boy time late at night. Glad the last few days with SJ and Bella have seemed to be fun and refreshing for him and you guys. Continuing to lift you up in prayer!

Suzanne Morris said...

Sooo precious! So good to not only see, but also hear Joseph and Allen.
I ran my first half marathon this past weekend and prayed for Joseph and your family each mile.
We love you guys!

Anonymous said...

He's a man after my own heart- late night eating and TV watching! That's my kind of night! Praying for happy moods today after a late night of fun! Love, Mel

susan and brian said...

What great photos and videos, it is uplifting to see them and to see how happy Joseph is. Thinking about you all a lot.

Anonymous said...

Those videos are sooooo cute!! I loved watching them they made me smile! I think about you all the time and will continue to pray!! Love you guys!


The Morginskys said...

My daughter who is 18mos. and I watched the videos together. she loved them and started laughing when Joe did!!!

matt b said...

How could you disclose my full name?! I thought this blog was supposed to be quasi-anonymous! Now everyone knows who to call for tech problems. Speaking of, I'll drop by over lunch and see what I can do...sorry I forgot to call back last night.

Finally, why can't you ever wake up when I'm over there at 1 in the morning?? Your daddy and I could use a third for our Halo adventures.

I don't think I'm ready for y'all to leave Memphis yet.

uncle batmarrrr

Anna Tester said...

Hampton(2) Jack (9mths) and I loved the videos of Joseph!! We all laughed with Joseph and Allen thank you!!! Such a sweet daddy! I asked Hampton what she wanted to tell Joseph and she said "a well" (a whale) so know that there are whales waiting for Joseph in atlanta. xxxooo

Jody (atlanta) said...

Love hearing your voices and so touching to see daddy/son having quality midnight chat. Those are the special moments no one ever forgets. We keep watching the videos and have HUGE SMILES on our face. Thanks for sharing and hope you got some sleep.

Anonymous said...

Matt B you better take care of any problem Joseph is having with the t.v.! You will never know how much the videos make us laugh. Thanks for sharing with us. love, kissells

carolyn & dave said...

Joe, you are soooo cute! Dave and I will be in ATL this weekend. I wish you guys were there.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I love seeing these videos - they're so great! I'm doing speech therapy this semester with little preschoolers that are about Joseph's age. I'm always reminded to pray for him and for you guys on my drive there and back. A lot of us haven't seen Joseph in a while, but these videos, pictures and posts help us know him better and know better how to pray for him and for your family. Praying for you today,
Allison O.

Jennifer said...

I second Matt Barr's wishes for you not leave Memphis soon.

And I'm glad Millie is your favorite, Joe. Everyone always likes Laney better and I feel sorry for Millie!

I'm better now so we can play again soon!

Nana said...

HiLightening Macqueen You are the Man!!You and Sheriff are just having the best midnight feasts!!I love midnight feasts too!!When your Mommy was little she and Lynn and Sarah_janewere little they used to love having midnight feasts,but their Mommy (guido aka Nana)tricked them and she would tell them it was midnight and it was only 8 or 9 oclock i was pretty tricky back then I even changed the hands on the clock to midnight!!Those were the days!!I cant trick your Mama any more.Maybe I will its worth a try!!you and your snuggle bunny cousin are just having a great time.I know you will miss them when they leave.Eli loved talking to you and he was laughing when you asked to speak to cousin Will!!Deacon kisses your photo every day and now he calls you Jesf he is trying hard to speak like a big boy!!We love Y"all tons and tons and send you all kisses"This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it"Sleep sound in jesus tonight all night longand just dream about midnight feasts!!!Love from Nana Grandad David Eli and little Deacon.Give Hollybear a big hug and a kiss from me .

Slotkins' said...

Hello Joseph!! Logan and I loved watching the videos. Logan got a huge smile when you mentioned his name. He misses his best friend too. (mommy does too)
We're looking forward to many trips to the park and zoo in March.

Its wonderful to see how the Lord works through in his children to show us his love. Joseph's smile is contagious. =)

Love, BJ,Beth, and Logan

Anonymous said...

Hi Gillian Allen & the kids,
We loved seeing the videos and hearing the voices. I was so moved I couldn't react immediately. Oisin logs into the blog in Amsterdam and Darragh & Ronan follow it here at home daily. Your both amazing parents and your srength continues to amaze us.
lots of love Ann Ben & the boys

Anonymous said...

I couldn't see the videos at school so the minute I got home I watched them. I laughed and laughed! Loved hearing Allen and Joe conversing and laughing.
Joe P. that last video was gross!! Hey, Charlie and Schroder will have their feelings hurt now that you like Millie more than them. I won't tell and that way they will never know! I also loved the pictures of you and Bella. So cute!!
I am praying that you all can get some sleep tonight and that there will be no midnight snacking...although sometimes food just tates better at midnight.
Sending love your way and can't wait to see you tomorrow night.
Hugs and kisses, Mimi
P.S. The scripture verses that you posted are exactly what the Lord put on my heart to pray this week for you all!

suzebab said...

I love the Joe video. It's great to be able to hear his sweet little voice. We are continuing to pray for all of you.



Anonymous said...

I have continued to keep up with Joseph's progress, and even though I have never met any of you all, I had such a good time watching these videos. They are classics! HA! They made me laugh and cry. A very blessed little boy! I will keep praying. You keep holding on!!!

Melissa Carpenter

Lynn T said...

I love the videos. It made me want to get in the car and drive to Memphis. When Will got home from school, I couldn't wait to show him. He thought the same thing and asked if we could go see you right away! Hearing Allen and Joe's voices was so so sweet. We miss you tons and Will made Joe a card right after watching the video. He put a photo of he and Joe on the front ( along with a bunch of pennies that I am supposed to enclose!) Nanna is right, Joseph, we all love midnight feasts! Like your Mimi said, sometimes food just tastes better then!

Love you,


Chloe said...

I think Joe P will have a career in stand up - what a smart funny little guy he is, I was in stitches especially with the goodbye camera sketch! Great to see the vids and pics of him and Bella (hi from miss chloe in ireland BC). As usual, I miss you all, and wish we were closer. Love Chloe-o. XXXX

Chloe said...

Guys, my friend wants to send you some tickets for Stone Mountain Park (stonemountainpark.com) in Atlanta - she works there - after hearing Joseph's fave place was the park she realised there was something she could do! Should she send them to memphis or your home address? Let me know, and email me your home address if that's the place. Also, I sent you a mail on facebook with her message Gill. X

alice said...

Hi Gillian! The photos of all the little guys are SO cute. So nice to see all the smiles and fun and games going on!! Sending you al our love and thoughts all the way over the ocean. Alice and Maud Xx

Anonymous said...

Hou are you this is eli.Iam glad you are feeling better,sorry I couldnt come to Memphis.Do you want to see a movie with me when I come to Nashville to visit.love from ELI.

Nana said...


Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Love seeing video of this baby I've been praying for! He looks great.

Know that mommies all across America are carrying Joseph in our hearts and lifting him up to the Lord.

Love, Missy
(Amanda Sims' friend)

Big Daddy said...

This is the Big Daddy!!!!!! I'm goin ta getchya boy!!!!! Bib..Bib..Bib..Bib.. Big Daddy'soin to wrap knott on a head so high.... Thought maybe this should be read to you big boy.... I'll see ya soon. The Big Daddy

Anonymous said...

hey jOe, wanna watch Barbie Frutietopial???? Allen, they got Barbie movies at Target for $5.50...much cheaper than Disney movies...you could convert..and get double duty, cause Holly will like them soon.
love you guys and miss you.
our house doesn't sound like its usual windtunnel as I left my noisemaker in Memphis. Shout out to Memphis. Bella-Claire says she wants to move there b/c its hot there:)
love and miss you guys tons.
can you email me those pics Gill

Jaime said...

I am so glad to hear that the other appetite stimulant has worked better. Praise God! Thanks for the video. As a mom, I loved the "who is your favorite person" answer. Gillian, I know that makes you feel so loved.
I love getting to know Joseph a little better via video. So glad you guys will get to come home next week. I will pray for an smooth transition as well as for healing.

Nana said...

Goodmorning Sheriff sally Lightening Macqueen and Mac Guido here the fastest car in Tennessee well Im not so sure about..maybe long distance driver!!!We are so happy your time is coming to a close!!but I think you are going to miss St. Judes Joe P.and especially our favorite Doctor Nick.God bless all the staff at St. Judes they have been so amazing!!Way to go Joe P. no more appetite stimulants but thats ok we'll have some midnight feasts when cousin Will and Eli come over .We'll have a BOYS ONLY midnight feast this is top secret so dont tell the GIRLS!!!Say hi to Mimi and big Daddy and give Holly Bear big kisses and hugs and tickles.Tell Holly Bear Grandad wants to do "round and round the gardenlike a teddy bear "( Deacon liked that too)when you come to stay with us on Sunday!!we cant wait!!!!Go JOE GO only two treatments left yeah!!!!lots of love Nanna and Grandad Tis is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Margaret said...

Man oh man did Sarah get jealous seeing Bella Claire kissing Joseph! JoeP better not forget his ATL girlfriend. The videos made me cry (again) but what a riot! Wiping snot on the camera was hysterical.
Praying, Missing, Loving from Atlanta!

Christy said...

Let's be honest, who among us doesn't want a cheese stick and some Batman at 1am from time to time? Thanks so much for the quick peek into your world these days (and nights). :-)

Lisa Allen said...

We are still praying for you guys. Thanks for the new pics and videos. Tripp will look forward to having Joseph back in his Sunday School class at Intown. :-)
Bill, Lisa, and Tripp Allen

Anonymous said...

We're excited to hear you will be back on our side of town soon. Let us know when you get here and settled so we can have a playdate and/or a girls' night out.
Love and prayers!!!